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Martin’s Food Markets Application Online


Martin’s Food Markets is a supermarket chain that is operating under Giant Food Stores, LLC or Giant-Carlisle. The supermarket’s popular slogan is “Quality. Selection. Savings. Everyday.”

Martin’s Food Markets started way back in 1923, when David Javitch opened a butcher shop called Carlisle Meat Market. Over the years, it evolved into Martin’s Food Markets but has never strayed away from its original mission to provide clients with the best products at reasonable prices.

The supermarket chain operates in various states including Virginia, Pennsylvania, Maryland and West Virginia. It currently has over 200 stores.

The company has more than 30,000 employees working for them. They enjoy different benefits that include employee discounts, hourly wages and career opportunities.

Aside from the company benefits, employees from this grocery store institution are able to enjoy their flexible work hours and the dynamic working environment.

How Old Do You Have to Work at Martin’s Food Markets?

You have to be 18 years old before applying to Martin’s Food Markets. The company accepts applicants with no previous work experience for starting positions.

Martin’s Food Markets Careers

Cashier. You are responsible for operating the supermarkets’ cash register. You will also be handling customer payments on a daily basis.

Stock Associate. As a Stock Associate, you will be responsible for handling the daily operations of the warehouse. You will monitor the stocks that come and go from the warehouse.

Meat Cutter. This job requires you to have experience in the different meat cuts. You will cut the meat in the meat section accordingly.

Pricing Coordinator. You are required to monitor the pricing the different products of the supermarket. You should ensure that all products are priced accordingly.

Enjoy a career that exposes you to different people and situations involved in the supermarket industry. The company provides many opportunities to its employees.

Martin’s Food Markets Application

Martin’s Food Markets offers many job opportunities. Their website has a list of possible employment opportunities. Registration is required before you can apply.

Because of the volume of applicants that the company receives, they require every applicant to register. Online application makes it easier for you to be shortlisted.

During the registration, make sure to create a complete profile. You must fill out the online application form and do not leave any fields blank.

You may also upload your resume in their database. Therefore, it is important to create one that helps you sel your skills and yourself.

Before your interview schedule, be sure to prepare. Learn the company’s history and study possible questions that might be asked by your recruiter.

Facts About Martin’s Food Markets

Martin’s Food Markets has been in the business for a very long time. However, they still manage to maintain the quality of their service as well as their products.

Their efforts to provide outstanding service to their customers do not go unnoticed, as they were recognized as 2014’s Retailer of the Year.

Using their network and their financial resources, Martin’s Food Markets help those in need. They are active in making communities healthier, too.

The company helps make children’s lives better, fight hunger and build communities. The United States’ Department of Agriculture even awarded the company the Golden Grocer Award in 2010 because of their philanthropy.

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