Journey’s Application

Journey’s Application


The company is one of the leaders in the shoe-retail industry with over 800 stores in all 50 states, Puerto Rico, and Canada. The primary market for the company is 13 to 22 year old girls and guys. This company offers a wide variety of trendy brands to those youth that seek the hot new styles. Essentially, this organization is all about the attitude that you wear.

Aside from wearing the attitude, the company culture is all about attitude, personality and style. The culture at this organization is about attitudes, values, goals and practices that make the organization what it is. Here, it’s all about working hard and playing hard, and of course, also being rewarded by the success.

Something that is also important to the company are its core values. These values include things such as promoting from within, embracing and promoting youth culture, encouraging individuality, conducting business with integrity and passion, and celebrating rewards and successes. The company is also driven to reach its sales goals, and encourages those who aspire to pursue growth opportunities within the organization.

An applicant can visit the link at the bottom of this article. All potential employees can find the nearest location and head to the careers section, search for all open jobs and begin a new career in as easy as a few short steps. Additionally, an applicant can apply online, by using the online Journey’s application. An applicant can begin his or her career in this retail industry with just a few simple clicks.

Journey’s Careers

Journey’s jobs are exciting. Begin your new experience at one of the company’s top locations by following this easy to reference and easy to use guide. If an applicant is interested in future employment and future job opportunities, submit a free application form obtained from the jobs website. Or an applicant can also submit by filling out a Journey’s application online.

Want to know how to apply for Journey’s online? It’s not hard to fill out a Journey’s job application online. Step one is to submit a direct application. The candidate must read the job description to make sure that they have the correct qualifications before proceeding. Once an applicant has submitted their application and salary history, he or she may be selected for an in person interview.

How old do you have to be to work at Journey’s?

Ready to start applying for Journey’s jobs? For Journey’s careers, an applicant must be at least 16 years old. Be sure to check any age requirements or restrictions before sending in your printable application form. Make sure you complete this printable application for Journey’s.

To pursue a Journey’s career, the company desires fun, hard-working and sales-oriented people that have shoes on the mind. All stores offer a high-energy, customer focused atmosphere. The employees at each location are passionate and energetic about what they do, and their enthusiasm shines through. They embrace individuality and uniqueness and celebrate self-expression.

By pursuing a career with one of the retail stores, an individual is well on his or her way to select various career paths. Such paths include working as a part-time sales associate, going through the manager in training program, becoming a store manager, going through the district manager in training program, becoming a district manager, and perhaps, becoming a regional vice president. Journey’s offers many employee benefits.

To get started, the applicant must download an application form or printable applications for the company. The applicant can also visit their local store during business hours from 10:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m. depending on their location

Journey’s Job Descriptions

Assistant Store Manager- Working as the assistant store manager, he or she is required to meet and exceed sales goals and performance standards. That individual is required to direct and motivate employees to attain their personal goals. Additionally, he or she will hold their staff accountable for meeting sales goals. Typical compensation: $10.00/hour

Store Manager- Responsibilities of a store manager are included, but not limited to, recruiting, training and developing a successful sales team, evaluating the training needs of the organization, planning weekly staff schedules, and managing all aspects of store operations. Additionally, this individual will lead and direct the store crew, and provide feedback and coaching to all employees. Typical compensation: $10.00/hourly

Sales Associate- This individual is responsible for meeting and exceeding sales goals. He or she must follow all Loss Prevention practices and protect the company assets. This individual must perform all operational procedures correctly. Additionally, it is important that the individual maintain store appearance and organization in the stock room. Typical compensation: $8.00/hourly

Administrative Assistant-This is a position that is available in the home office. The individual in this position must maintain and distribute new store address information, update the deal, upload store, district and regional manager name changes into the Lucernex software, and additional administrative duties as necessary. This person is required to have one year of relevant experience. Typical compensation: $38,000/year

Journey’s Interview Questions

Think you have got what it takes to apply for jobs at Journey’s, the next step is preparing for that killer interview. Below are some questions to help get you thinking and help prepare you as you move forward in the interview process.

How would your boss and co-workers describe you? Submitting your online application is one thing. Submitting references is another. But this question serves to get to the root of how those you have worked for in the past view you. This may be things like: persistent, hard worker, motivated, organized, detail-oriented and good at prioritizing and managing time.

What type of work environment do you prefer? This is your chance to express your preference for a work atmosphere. Perhaps, the applicant is someone who enjoys a laid back atmosphere. If that does not sound familiar, it’s very possible that the applicant enjoys a good company culture where there is room for professional development and growth.

Why are you leaving your current job? Be careful with this question. Try and put a positive spin on it. Answer without saying anything negative about your previous employer. Regardless of your reasoning for leaving or wanting to leave, the applicant should be wary about expressing negativity towards their previous company or boss. Keep this response brief.

What’s your dream job? This is a great question. It allows the hiring manager to see that you are ambitious. However, the applicant needs to be careful when answering this question. Do not answer things like “CEO of my own company” or “a job where I can get paid to travel.” Answers like that are major turnoffs and will reflect to the employer, lack of direction.

What skills and experience make you an ideal candidate? This is a great open ended question. Not only does it allow the applicant to think, it also allows them to provide some history on their previous employment or classes that they have taken that make them an ideal candidate for the position. Perhaps they have skills that directly apply to the position, and could thus make them competitive.

Advice for the application process

While filling out the application for Journey’s jobs online, it is crucial that you read the directions. By doing this, you will truly understand what you are being asked for and can then make sure that you are providing accurate information. Also, make sure that you are being honest on the application. If you do not have a specific skill set, do not try and sugar-coat it. Be honest.

During the interview, it is also important that the applicant provide examples. For whatever the applicant is asked, it is important that he or she have specific examples of a time when he or she handled a situation in a particular manner. Perhaps this is how the candidate handled a difficult customer or how the candidate boosted sales for the organization.

Additionally, the candidate should come prepared. The research on the company should be completed, the resume should be intact. Ideally, the candidate should have multiple copies of their resume to provide. The candidate should show enthusiasm and listen carefully. Also, the candidate should make sure that he or she is asking well thought out and well-crafted questions.

Lastly, the candidate should express confidence for the duration of the interview. This stems from the moment that the candidate walks in. From the minute the applicant sets foot in the office, he or she is already providing an impression. How early does he or she turn up? Is he or she polished? Managers look at these things, and they pay attention. It says a lot about an applicant.

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