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Kate Spade is a designer lifestyle brand based in New York. This company offers a wide range of stylish products such as handbags, clothing, swimwear, fragrance, fashion accessories, shoes, eyewear and home decorations.

The company was founded by Kate Brosnahan Spade and her husband Andy Spade in 1993. Kate was inspired to create her own handbags after her stint at Mademoiselle. Her first shop opened at New York in 1996.

Kate Spade boasts of over 140 shops within the Unites States and around 175 retail outlets across the globe. It has more than 10,000 employees worldwide. Kate and her company won the Best Economic Empowerment Program award in 2015.

Staff working for the company enjoy a host of benefits and perks. These include medical, vision and dental coverage, insurances, paid time off policies, paid leaves, and 401(k) Savings plans. Staff and qualified dependents also get discounts.

Creativity and diversity dominates the Kate Spade workplace – and this is why people love working with the company. Employees are always encouraged to find inspiration in everything. They stick to a culture of teamwork, optimism, and fun.

How old do you have to be to work at Kate Spade?

There is no set age requirement for candidates hoping to work with this company. Entry-level positions are available for working students and fresh graduates. Vacancies are also available for veterans. The company is known as an Equal Opportunity employer.

Kate Spade Careers

Sales Associate/Muse: Being the muse is a common yet important career. The sales associate is in charge of presenting products to customers. She develops and achieves sales goals, provides quality customer service, and operates within the retail outlets of the brand.

Supervisor/Senior Muse: The senior muse leads the sales team in developing a client base and attaining sales goals. She supervises store opening and closing, leads in inventory functions, and ensures that the store operates according to brand standards and presentation.

Support Associate: Responsibilities of the support associate include managing inbound deliveries, ensuring availability of stocks, assessing price changes, and overlooking warehouse operations. The associate also has enough knowledge of merchandise movement, quantity, and on-hand units.

Ecommerce Assistant: The Ecommerce Assistant looks over the brand’s product lifecycles, performs quality checks on websites and product photography, as well as categorizes products accordingly. She also collaborates with other teams to improve product catalogs and selections.

The company is also open for other job vacancies. Careers in retail, support, and design abound. Positions include assistant store leader, senior manager, product assistant, corporate support center analyst, graphic designer, and IT director. 

Kate Spade Application

There are various ways to apply for this company. Most candidates prefer to apply online through the company website. Others apply in person. Applying through recruiters and personal employee recommendations are also allowed.

Majority of job applications within the company are coursed through their website’s career page. However, walk-in applicants are also entertained. Applicants may visit retail outlets and give their resume and credentials to any store staff.

Applicants may browse career opportunities on the company’s website. Upon choosing a particular position, applicants will then be prompted to build their profiles – it’s important to be as thorough and accurate as possible.

The resume must be comprehensive and related to the post applied for. It helps if applicants highlight their experiences in the retail and fashion industry. Resumes can be submitted both via email and in person.

The company usually contacts candidates within a week to schedule the personal interview. Questions in the interview center on getting to know the candidate’s personality, brand knowledge, and experiences related to the post applied for.

Things to know about Kate Spade

The brand’s culture consists of creativity, fun, diversity, and a passion for excellence. Employees thrive in a workplace where they can share their ideas freely and create new concepts based on these fresh ideas.

A fixture in the fashion industry – that’s what Kate Spade is. Their colorful designs and classic pieces always stand out. Endorsers for the brand include Anna Kendrick and Bryce Howard, with the latest being the most surprising – Miss Piggy.

The company has been well esteemed for its collection of lovely handbags. Their bags exude a classic yet fun and fresh vibe. No wonder many women and fashion enthusiasts from across the globe easily fell for them!

This highly successful company also knows how to give back. The Kate Spade & Company Foundation exists to help financially-burdened New York City women. Here, they empower women by immersing them in entrepreneurship, arts and technology.

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