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Kwik Shop is a gas station and convenience store chain. It generally sells gasoline, hot and cold beverages, and food items. Some shops also offer prepaid phone cards and lottery tickets.

The chain was founded by Dick Dillon in 1960. The first store was small, and was mainly focused on offering time-saving and personalized service to customers.

The chain has been in the business for over 55 years. It now runs over 130 chains in the states of Kansas, Nabraska, Tennessee, Mississippi, and Iowa.

Benefits offered include medical and prescription insurance. It also offers dental, vision, accidental, disability, and life insurance. Vacation Pay and Sick Pay are also available.

Employees enjoy working at the chain because of its various opportunities for career advancement. It also offers competitive salary rates and flexible schedules. The company also grants Service Awards.

How old do you have to be to work at Kwik Shop?

Employees are required to be 18 years old or older. The chain also has positions available for students who have at least a high school diploma.

Kwik Shop Careers

Store Associates: They are responsible for assisting customer concerns. They are expected to provide exceptional services to customers in accordance with company policies. They are also tasked to maintain the shop’s cleanliness.

Store QSR Clerks: They point out specials and use suggestive selling on customers. They are required to maintain the product display, ensuring that it is attractive to customers.

Food Service Leaders: They make sure the Food Service is profitable and maintains efficient operation. They are responsible for driving sales and for promoting food service activities at the store.

Assistant Managers: They generally assist the Store Manager in running the store. They assist in driving sales and other business-related functions. They are also responsible for maintaining the store’s cleanliness.

The company offers positions for Managers In Training. Other management positions include Store Managers and QSR Managers.  Entry-level positions may either be part time or full time.

Kwik Shop Application

Applicants should first check available positions at the company. Upon application, the company requires the submission of an updated resume. Applicants may also create profiles at the company’s talent community.

The company prefers online applications through its talent community. This allows the company to have easy access to the applicant’s personal information. However, walk-in applications are also accepted.

The application form must provide the company with the applicant’s personal information. The form must also list down his recent contact details and his preferred contact method.

The resume should set forth the applicant’s work experiences, starting with the most recent. It may also include his trainings, skills, and whether he possesses certain certificates or licenses required for the position.

Applicants must be dressed in business casual attire. They must exhibit their ability to operate the necessary machines or equipment. It is advised to read about the company’s policies.

Facts About Kwik Shop

The corporate culture at Kwik Shop revolves around building team camaraderie and cooperation. It values respect and promotes work-life balance among employees. The company is an Equal Opportunity Employer.

The company has recently held its Customer Appreciation Day. During the event, patrons were treated to hotdogs and ribs at just a dollar each. Bouncy house and face painting attractions kept kids entertained.

The company is best known for their quick service one-stop convenience store concept. The stores are frequented for their fountain drink equipment, the Coffee Central, and the Soda Central.

Kwik Shop is a known supporter of United Way of America, which raises funds to address community issues like education, income, and health. The store chain also supports diversity and inclusion.

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