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La Quinta is an American limited-service hotel chain. Most locations offer fitness centers, high speed internet access, and spacious lobbies. The hotel chain aims to attract business travelers.

The hotel chain was founded by brothers Sam and Phil Barshop in 1968. The first hotel opened in San Antonio, Texas. The hotel’s name translates to “the villa” in English.

Since its opening, the company has now opened over 800 locations in five countries in North and South America. It has provided jobs to an estimated 9,000 people.

The hotel chain offers benefits like competitive salary rates and flexible scheduling options. Certain benefits like dental, vision, and medical insurance depends on the position.

People like working at the hotel because of its challenging yet rewarding work experience. Employees are continuously motivated to offer services to guests, leading to a memorable stay at the hotel.

How old do you have to be to work at La Quinta?

The hotel chain requires employees to be at least 18 years old. The hotel also requires applicants to possess at least a high school diploma, and fluency in communicating in English.

La Quinta Careers

Guest Experience Representatives: They are responsible for assisting guests with checking in and out of the hotel. They also operate the hotel key control system. They are tasked with promoting the hotel’s loyalty program.

Maintenance Personnel:  Their role is to perform preventive maintenance at the hotel. Their tasks include carpet cleaning, painting, and waterproofing. They also assist in cleaning up meeting rooms and housekeeping.

Waitpersons: They are responsible for serving food and beverages to customers. Their tasks include presenting the menu, taking orders, and addressing customer queries. They also explain how food items are prepared.

Sales Coordinators: They are primarily responsible for performing sales activities to attain revenue goals. They respond to sales-related queries like reservations and property tours. They also conduct surveys to evaluate guest satisfaction.

The hotel chain also offers managerial positions like Sales Manager, Regional Revenue Manager, and General Manager. Corporate positions include Instructional Designers, Project Managers, Marketing Analysts, and Senior Operations Buyers.

La Quinta Application

Applicants must search the hotel chain’s available positions through the official jobs portal. Copies of the applicant’s resume and supporting documents may be attached with the submitted application.

The hotel chain only accepts online applications. The jobs portal is easily accessible through different operating systems. Applicants can also be easily notified of their application status.

The application form must include the applicant’s full name, complete address, and recent contact information. The applicant may also list down essential job requirements like a driver’s license.

The applicant’s resume must list down the educational institutions previously attended and the corresponding years attended. It may also list down his previous work experiences, if any.

The company seeks employees who are driven to serve guests in accordance with their policies. Interested applicants must read about the company’s policies, vision, and goals to prepare for the interview.

Facts About La Quinta

The hotel chain values passion, integrity, excellence, and being unique. It believes that its culture of service is achieved through its people. It aims to create a people-centered work environment.

The company has recently partnered with Visa to offer the Redeem Away! program. Eligible cardholders and frequent guests now have the option to use their La Quinta Returns Points to buy everyday items.

The chain is best known for running select-service type hotels. They are also known for their generous loyalty program which offers free nights and similar travel-related rewards.

La Quinta has donated millions of dollars to charitable organizations like United Way. It also has partnerships with Military Initiative, which provides assistance and job opportunities to the military community.

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