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Lane Bryant

Lane Bryant is a clothing store chain that focuses on clothing for plus sized females. The company was founded in 1901 by Lena Himmelstein Bryant Malsin on Fifth Street Avenue. The company now has over 800 locations reach $1 billion in revenue in 2013. Find a Lane Bryant application online.

Lane Bryant values all their customers and knows that the majority of them are women. They keep their staff predominantly women because they know most of their customers are women and women know how to treat women better than men. They also know what outfits are going to make the customer look and feel beautiful.

Lena Himmelstein was a fashion designer who was born in March of 1877. She was raised in Lithuania by her grandparents until she moved to New York in 1895. It was in New York where Mrs. Himmelstein began her work in clothing. It was not until her husband died and she had a son that she started up the first store on Fifth Street Avenue.

Many employees like to work at this company because it is in the retail industry and they have a passion for fashion. If they are looking for a part time position they can look forward to employee discounts. They also have very flexible hours and will work with your schedule.

Lane Bryant Careers

You don’t know to be into clothing to get one of many Lane Bryant jobs. Lane Bryant careers are very vast. The have a human resource department in most of their stores and they have an IT department that helps run the company’s online clothing store. These jobs are very fulfilling.

There are many requirements for some positions and not very many requirements for other positions. The basic requirement is at least a high school diploma or GED.

How old do you have to be work at Lane Bryant?

You have to be at least 18 years or older to work at Lane Bryant.

The company is open 7 days a week. On Monday through Saturday the store is open from 10 am to 9 pm and on Sundays from 11 am to 9 pm. During the holiday seasons these hours can vary for a limited amount of time. Check the stores website for exact dates.

Lane Bryant has many employee benefits to offer. The benefits options for employees can vary depending on the store locations or if the position is full time or part time. These benefits could include dental coverage, a 401 (k) retirement plan, stock options, online and in store discounts, vision and medical insurance.

Lane Bryant Job Description

Human Resource Generalist – A human resource generalist is the person that hands out the human resource policies to the employees. Their other responsibilities include collecting and studying HR data to pass to managers, and preparing communications line between corporate and employees. The position requires a bachelor degree and has a salary around $49,000 a year.

Sales Leader – this is a type of management position with in the store. Their daily duties include gathering new employees, watching over their training, and carrying out new marketing strategies. This position requires a high school or GED but having bachelors is recommended. The salary is around $28,000.

Retail Store Manager – This is another management position in the store. Store managers have to deal with the day to day operation of the store. Their responsibilities include improving customer service, increasing the sales in the store, and ensuring all customer complaints are being taken care of. This job requires a bachelor degree or 5 years of retail experience. The average salary is around $42,000 a year.

Retail Associates – this position is similar to a sales associate and is normally a part time position. Their daily duties include interacting with customers, setting up the store’s display, and handling this money. A high school diploma or a GED is required and some retail experience is preferred. Their pay is about $8 an hour.

Lane Bryant Interviewing Questions

These questions will most likely be asked when the company calls you back for an interview.

Who is your favorite model? This question is asked to see how much knowledge you have about the fashion world and fashion industry. This is not a requirement but it shows the company you are passionate and have had an interest before even starting the job. It is recommended to pick someone who has modeled in recent years.

What fashion magazine do you regularly read? This is another question that is designed to test your interest in the world of fashion. There are no wrong answers but not having an answer shows you have a lack of interest in clothing lines and fashion trends. Just come up with about three to four magazines that you know about.

Do you have experience in sales? Some of these positions require sales experience and they will ask this question if the job you’re applying for needs it. If you have experience in sales just let the interviewer know this a supplying a copy of your resume to show your proof.

What have you done to minimize loss prevention? Loss prevention is an important aspect in the retail industry. Candidates that have taken steps from their previous jobs will be asked how they can do the same for Lane Bryant. This question is typical for a management position but an entry level candidate may also get this question.

Can you remember a time where you helped a store meet sales goals? This is a question that will test the potential candidates’ retail experience. To answer this question you must have verifiable proof that your contribution lead to an increase in sales for your store at the time you were working there.

Advice For Application Process

There is no printable application for Lane Bryant but don not worry there are still several ways to apply for jobs at Lane Bryant. You can search online to see how to apply for Lane Bryant online. Lane Bryant jobs are easy to get. The company is always hiring friendly people to work in their stores.

The best way to receive employment to find Lane Bryant jobs online. Find a local store for a direct application. There are no printable application forms and there no download application forms. A free application can be found in the store or on the website to fill out an online application.

For a quick Response it is best to apply online and find a Lane Bryant application. You should have a friendly and approachable demeanor. This shows that you have costumer service skills. You also want to appear confident. The hiring process is fairly straight forward and does not take very long.

Some stores will only require one interview for the hiring process but some stores will ask for two interviews. This is for both full time and part time positions. Each interview is about 30 minutes long and is one on one. Applicants are suggested to dress in a professional manner.

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