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Everyone loves a good steak, yet many places hardly get it just right.  Longhorn Steakhouse has grown in popularity and reputation giving their guests a steak they won’t forget.  To submit a Longhorn Steakhouse application, you can look online for an online application or go to your local restaurant and request one.

The legend began in 1982 in Atlanta, Georgia.  George McKerrow, Jr. and his father had a steakhouse called Longhorn Steaks and Saloon in 1981 which had its own set of regulars but not nearly as much popularity as they would want.  Then in 1982 after a heavy snowstorm hit and people driving were stranded, the travelers stopped by to eat and discovered how good the food was.

Shortly after that massive rush, they began to raise in popularity and in 1996, they changed their name to Longhorn Steakhouse.  Then in 2007, they were acquired by Darden Restaurants.  They offer amazing steak choices such as, Flo’s Filet, ribs, chicken, salmon, salads, and even dessert.  Among their signature dishes tailored for both lunch and dinner, are signature cocktails such as their strawberry margarita.

Today, with their Western/Texas theme, they operate all over the Midwest, East, Southwest, and Puerto Rico.  Their grill masters have definitely perfected the art of cooking stakes and give each guest an unforgettable experience allowing them to come back time after time.  Read below to learn how to apply for Longhorn Steakhouse online.  The Longhorn job application online is accessible through their careers link.

Longhorn Steakhouse Careers

Longhorn Steakhouse jobs allow for not just the team members to shine but also the restaurant.  They believe in and provide their guests with five star service and truly believe that their associates, together as a team, can make anything happen.  As a leader in the hospitality industry, the best training and motivation is provided to ensure both guest and employee are happy.

The Longhorn Steakhouse application process is very simple.  Only high energy people are considered for employment here since the intensity and diversity of the restaurant is high.  Everyone works together as a team including management, front of the house, and back of the house.  Longhorn Steakhouse careers range in roles which are developed throughout each person’s career.

As any other restaurant, there are roles in the front of the house that are vital for a good flow throughout the day.  There is the bartender, the server, the busser, the manager, and the assistant manager.

How old do you have to be to work at Longhorn Steakhouse?

18 is the minimum age.  Then you have the back of the house with chefs, sou chefs, grill masters, dishwasher, and line cooks.

Corporate positions are also available that may sometimes require a college degree such as accountants, account managers, advertising and marketing, etc.  The benefits package is a completive one and differs from position to position.  Associates can enjoy stock options, paid time off, legal assistance, medical, vision and dental insurance, flexible spending account, credit union, dining discount and more.

Longhorn Steakhouse opens daily from 11 am to 10 pm Sunday-Thursday and from 11 am to 11pm Fridays and Saturdays.

Longhorn Steakhouse Job Descriptions

Server Assistant- The server assistant greets all customers in a friendly and respectful manner.  They assist in refilling waters and drinks as needed as well as remove empty dishes from the tables.  They work closely with the servers to ensure the guests are enjoying themselves.  They make an average wage of

Server- Servers greet the guests and review the menu and special features while making suggestions and taking the guest’s food and drink orders.  They keep the waters and drinks filled and give outstanding customer service.  Their hourly pay is between $2.13 per hour plus tips.

Bartender- They greet customers and prepare beverages according to company policies.  They also review the menu and make suggestions accordingly.  Keep up with liquor inventory and make sure each customer is happy.  Their average wage is between $2.13 and $8.95 per hour plus tips.

Line Cook- Prepare food according to traditional recipes while following proper sanitation techniques. They ensure the food is visually appealing and hot in the window.  They make an average of $12-$13 an hour.

Prep Cook- They prepare the food to meet the daily needs by thawing, breading, grilling, etc. while maintaining proper sanitation standards.  Their hourly wage is between $10.75 and $13 per hour.

Longhorn Steakhouse Interview Questions

Each person that submits a free application for Longhorn Steakhouse jobs online will be emailed with information on how to set up an interview so be prepared to answer any of the following interview questions.

Have you worked at a restaurant before? Although having previous restaurant experience is not necessary, should you have any, it is good to mention.  Not all restaurants are the same but they all have the same purpose, which is to serve good food and good service.

Is the customer always right? This is a tricky questions because in the hospitality business, yes, the customer is always right.  There will be times that they will be wrong.  However, knowing how to handle a situation adapting to the customer is the way to go in the food industry.

How would you handle an upset guest? Everyone in any type of job will encounter a few unhappy customers.  Being able to diffuse the bomb is key.  Always identify the problem and find a solution.  That is the best answer.

How long do you see yourself staying with the company? Restaurants sometimes have a high turnover in staff.  This is why restaurants want people that are going to stay for the long run because these are people they can trust to do a great job.  Share with them your future goals especially if it means them.

Describe a time where you had a great service experience at a restaurant. Being able to give the same type of service you would want to be given is key for an ongoing service industry career.  Putting yourself in the guests’ shoes always drives employees to do better.

Longhorn Steakhouse Advice for Application Process

Longhorn Steakhouse careers offers many job opportunities to anyone willing to grow into a service industry career. The printable application for Longhorn Steakhouse is available to anyone who wishes to apply in person.  The printable application form is available to download application form and print if that is the way you want to apply.  There are many locations available that are potentially hiring for the position you are seeking.

To apply for jobs at Longhorn Steakhouse, you can apply online through the direct application via their website.  Read through the job descriptions and responsibilities to decide which one best suits your skills and experience.  Each position will have different salary options.  It is important to discuss your own personal salary requirements during your interview as well as what times and days you are available to work.

Find the location that you want to work at and prepare for the interview questions.  Each position will require different questions regarding your skill.  Show them that you know what they are looking for and that you are a good asset to their company.  The applications they receive are all gladly accepted and are willing to train anyone that is a good fit.

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