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Literally meaning “the Occitan woman”, L’Occitane is a well-known retailer of personal care products – products for the face and body, and fragrances and home products.

Olivier Baussan founded the company after receiving an old soap factory in 1976. All he had at first was his wide knowledge of plants and a small truck, leading to essential oil production – rosemary and lavender – to local markets.

Currently, the company has shops in around 90 countries with more than 1000 employees. The products also received recognition from beauty experts all over the world.

Benefits received by employees vary by store. Those who are eligible get medical, vision and dental insurance, together with paid vacation, 401(k) retirement plans and healthcare coverage.

Employees love working here because of employee discounts, product gratis, work opportunities, and not to mention, the generous pay. There’s always the opportunity for growth and career development.

How old do you have to be to work at L’Occitane?

You can definitely apply for a position in L’Occitane as long as you are at least 18 years old; otherwise, your application won’t push through.

L’Occitane Careers

Sales Associates – As the brand ambassador, the sales associate welcomes customers, dishes advice regarding the most suitable L’Occitane products, and converts them to loyal customers. The sales associate ensures smooth operation of the store.

Store Manager – Store managers help drive sales and boost turnover. They make sure that goals are met, and ensure communication with everyone in the store. Aside from boosting the sales associates’ performance, they also help promote customer loyalty.

District Store Manager – District store managers monitor several stores in their areas. They guide the stores’ performance. They are also experts in point-of-sale management. They also make sure to promote best practices and monitor customer satisfaction.

B2B/Wholesale Coordinator – B2B Coordinators serve as brand ambassadors. They help maintain the company’s image. They develop sales in their area plus work with drugstores and pharmacies.

Aside from those four job posts focused on stores and wholesale, other positions available in the company are those involved in production, distribution, design and technology.

L’Occitane Application

There are two ways to apply for the company – online and in person. You can choose whichever method is convenient for you so you can proceed with the application.

If an applicant chooses to apply through the Internet, he or she can fill out the forms and submit them electronically. They can also visit stores to personally hand over their forms to store managers.

Hiring personnel for L’Occitane will need applicants to have at least a year of experience dealing with retail environments, especially with customer service. It helps to try the products to have a firsthand experience of how they work.

In your resume, indicate how much of a creative, motivated and passionate individual you are. This helps boost your resume, and ensures that the hiring personnel notice you more.

To increase your chances of getting hired, it helps to conduct follow-up calls as well as in-store visits during the screening process.

Things to Know About L’Occitane

The company has promoted a positive culture among its employees – no employee feels left behind. All of them have opportunities to not only make themselves better, but also to make a difference.

Since 2006, the company helped women of Burkina Faso by creating a Fair Trade sector – it buys Shea butter at thrice the amounts of the usual market rate. The women benefit by receiving microcredit, literacy programs and training.

L’Occitane is known for philanthropy and its concern to the environment. Generosity started the company, and so Baussan returns the favor and makes sure he gives back by helping the needy.

Aside from helping the women of Burkina Faso, the company also assists the visually impaired by printing Braille on the products’ labels. This made the products accessible even to those with visual impairment.

Application Links

Company: http://www.loccitane.com/

Careers: http://usa.loccitane.com/careers,82,1,30289,273300.htm

Application: http://www.loccitane-carriere.com/offres.asp?rub1=14&rub2=15&id_pays=3

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