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The Estee Lauder Companies creates and markets skincare, haircare, and makeup and fragrance products. Its headquarters is in Midtown Manhattan in New York City.

The company started with the owner, Estee Lauder, together with her four skincare products. Through her Hungarian uncle, she learned the process of creating skin creams and the manner of applying them to women’s faces.

Currently, it has around 46,000+ employees in around 150 countries and territories. Achievements include the Outstanding Woman in Business award, plus a Spirit of Achievement Award.

Benefits to qualified employees include medical, dental and life insurance. They also give 401(k) retirement plans given to help employees prepare for their future. They also enjoy product discounts aside from paid time offs and sick leaves.

Employees love working for the company especially if doing makeup is one of their interests. It’s a family-oriented company with numerous opportunities for growth.

How old do you have to be to work at Estee Lauder?

There are various job posts available for the company. However, to work at Estee Lauder, you have to be at least 18 years old.

Estee Lauder Careers

Counter Manager – What counter managers do is oversee the store operations and supervise beauty advisors. They also double check the number of sales and document the total amounts and interact with store management.

Beauty Advisor – helps customers make the right purchases. Beauty advisors also explain what a particular product is for, and help customers in finding the perfect match. They also help in processing payments.

Beauty Sales Manager – ensures that all sales goals are met. They also coordinate with the management regarding recruitment, selection of applicants and retention of employees.

Makeup Artist – Makeup artists should be informed of recent makeup trends, and have lots of knowledge regarding company products. They should ideally be social media savvy and can interact with teams.

Other posts include marketing manager and counter manager positions. Internships are also available for undergraduate and graduate students. To see other available job posts, check out their website (link below).

Estee Lauder Application

If you want to apply for Estee Lauder, then you can just visit their website or click the links on the lower part of this page.

You can inquire in person at store counters, but for your convenience, you can submit forms online. Just wait for the hiring personnel’s call, so you can proceed with the application. Waiting time is usually within 2 to 3 weeks.

Before applying, it helps to familiarize yourself with company policies and the available products. Look and speak the part. Doing so will show that you’re ultimately willing to be a part of the company.

In your resume, state availability and mention any available transportation. If applicable, state any work permits on hand. Aside from your resume, include cover letters in your application.

Prepare for the interview by studying possible questions. Answer in a calm and confident manner. After the interview, express your interest by visiting stores and making phone calls to follow up on your application.

Things to Know About Estee Lauder

The company is driven by creativity and innovation. As Estee Lauder stated, everyone can be beautiful. This is her guiding mantra, and she makes sure every employee makes this possible.

One of its achievements is pioneering the Breast Cancer Awareness campaign through Estee’s daughter-in-law, Evelyn Lauder. Together with SELF magazine, Evelyn came up with the “pink ribbon” that has become the universal symbol for breast cancer awareness.

Aside from the pink ribbon campaign, there’s also the Pretty Powerful campaign that Estee Lauder is known for, which is designed to promote women empowerment and strength.

The company also makes sure to do its share in helping the environment and give back to Mother Nature. It’s also known for philanthropic activities, leading to positive changes in the society.

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