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Ninety Nine is a restaurant and pub. It has more than 100 restaurants in Northeast America. It serves millions of patrons with good service, delicious food, and wine.

The restaurant-pub opened in the 1950s, in Woburn, Massachusetts. Charlie Doe was the founding person. He thought of starting a place where people could feel at home while enjoying great food.

In six decades of operation, the company served more than 20 million patrons, hired thousands of employees and donated money to charity organizations. Every day, it serves almost one thousand guests, providing a restaurant-like service.

The restaurant-bar provides employees great career advancements and many benefits. It makes its employees one of the company’s top priorities, giving them health benefits, disability assistance, and insurances.

For more than 60 years, thousands of people have come and gone but many of them say that the company has a safe and conducive working environment. The benefits are good and the teamwork is commendable.

How old do you have to be to work at Ninety Nine?

An applicant needs to be at least 18 years old and a high school graduate. For higher positions, additional credentials such as management training may be necessary to qualify for the management level positions.

Ninety Nine Careers

Line cooks: They prepare meals every day and adhere to the health and cleanliness standards during a meal preparation. They must know how to handle a fast-paced environment, serving hungry patrons with utmost care and precision.

Servers: They greet customers, take orders, and set tables. They must have the ability to multitask since they have to take care of multiple customers’ tables while attending to every customer’s demands and queries.

Bartenders: They serve wine and beers to the customers. They answer questions regarding the menu, keep the bar area clean and deal with drunk customers occasionally.

Dishwashers: They keep the kitchen utensils and glassware clean. Thus, they follow specific standards for cleaning dishware and utensils. They also keep the washing area organized and free of food remnants.

Other positions may include bouncer, managers, assistant managers or supervisor.

Ninety Nine Application

Job application is simple. Visit the main site and click on the “join our team”, “careers” or something similar to these terms.

Ninety Nine accepts personal applications, too. If you opt for personal application, you may get an initial interview almost immediately. In some cases, the management may tell you to wait for a call.

The company prides themselves to have a lower rate of employee turnover. This may make the competition in applying a little tight. Thus, if you want to get that job in Ninety Nine, better make your application as impressive as you can.

A resume details the information you provide in the application form. Whatever information you place in the application form, make sure to support it in your resume. Include relevant skills and work experience.

Even before you receive a notification from the company, prepare for the interview. Ask yourself possible questions that the interviewer might ask. If you applied for any of the entry-level positions, most questions include on your knowledge of standards on how to maintain a clean and organized bar.

Facts about Ninety Nine

The company maintains a culture of providing great service and sumptuous food. Every customer who enters the restaurant-bar feels special because of the way employees treat them.

Unlike other restaurants, Ninety Nine has an E-club sign-up. This membership sign-up enables patrons and guests to receive special promotions through email or text messages. They even get special gifts on their birthdays and more. They receive rewards, too.

People know the bar for serving the most delicious meat dishes and healthiest food for fitness buffs. Aside from great food, the restaurant-bar is also popular for its Thursday night trivia. Guests can join and win prizes such as a free meal for a day.

Ninety Nine supports many charitable activities by engaging its customers. Its primary giving-back activity is the program, Dining for A Cause. This program is a fundraising opportunity for organizations. Through the help of the company, an organization can gather supporters.

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