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Long John Silver’s Application Online


Long John Silver’s is a seafood chain based in the US. Its menu include platters featuring seafood and side dishes, sandwiches and other single items. Seafood dishes are made up of shrimp, clams and fish.

The first restaurant was founded fourteen years ago – August 18, 1969, to be exact. It was founded by Jim Patterson, a restaurateur and businessman, who aimed to bring a more unique seafood experience to each part of the world.

Presently, it has more than 1,000 branches, providing employment to over 8,000 people. It’s recognized for its delicious seafood dishes and for being the fastest-growing quick-service restaurant in the US.

Employees can enjoy meal discounts, flexible schedules, and well-rounded employee benefits packages. The company also offers competitive pay scales, insurance coverage, retirement, pension and financial plans, and paid time off.

One reason why people love to work at Long John Silver’s is that it provides numerous opportunities for career growth. In fact, the company features comprehensive training programs even for their inexperienced and newly hired employees.

How Old Do You Have to be to Work at Long John Silver’s?

The minimum age requirement to get hired in any open position at the restaurant is 16. Other positions require you to be at least 18.

Long John Silver’s Careers

Shift Manager: This position requires you to lead your team members while also supporting the entire management team. You need to oversee the restaurant’s operations including satisfying customers, increasing profits and sales, and making your team members grow.

Cook: Prepares menu items and observes appropriate cooking times and procedures. Your duties also include preparing orders based on the requirements of the customers and ensuring the proper storage, handling and preparation of all food products and ingredients.

Cashier: This position requires you to take orders, operate the cash registers, handle money and assemble meals. You need to have excellent communication and organization skills to excel as a cashier in the restaurant.

Team Member: You need to be versatile if you want to get this position as you need to perform various functions. These include cooking foods based on the company’s recipes, stocking food items, organizing the kitchen, and providing customer satisfaction.

Other positions at the restaurant are shift supervisor, assistant store manager, general manager, team leader and prep cook. Ensure that you’re qualified for the job you’re eyeing for before sending your application.

Long John Silver’s Application

The company is always in search for highly motivated and committed employees. You can apply whether you are an entry-level or experienced worker, provided you’re at least 16 or 18. You need to personally visit a branch to apply.

It is because the restaurant does not offer an online employment form. This means that you need to submit your resume personally at a branch closest to you.

Fill out the application form truthfully. The form will mainly focus on personal information, availability, relevant skills, employment history and references, so provide all the necessary details.

Your resume should also be highly accurate and should be written neatly. Use easy to read fonts and provide straightforward information. Write it in such a way that it clearly gives your interviewer information about your skills.

During the interview, dress smartly so the interviewer will take you seriously. Prepare to answer situational questions that will gauge the way you will react on specific situations. Show your confidence and your value as an employee.

Facts About Long John Silver’s

Long John Silver’s aims to provide its employees and customers with a friendly environment. Their culture is more of ensuring that each day serves as an opportunity to make people smile – whether they’re employees or customers.

Last November, 2016, the restaurant announced that it opened a new branch in Statesville, NC. This was the first domestic branch to be opened after two long years.

The company is continuously recognized for its great-tasting and reasonably priced seafood, fish and chicken dishes. Their valued customers also know them for providing their service in a friendly and fast manner.

Long John Silver’s gives back to the community by taking initiatives to use and catch only free-range seafood. This is to prevent the depletion of specific wildlife species. It also uses the “Think Fish” mantra, which reminds everyone of the carbon footprint caused by eating red meat.

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