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MAACO is an American franchisor, which specializes in collision repair and auto painting. It is a subsidiary of Driven Brands headquartered in Charlotte, North Carolina.

The automotive company was founded by Anthony A. Martino and Daniel I. Rhode in 1972 in the same location where it is based today. It now operates in more than 500 auto body shops in USA and Canada.

It has been one of the top automotive shop choices since its early years. It was cited as the #1 in its category in the Annual Franchise 500 survey conducted by Entrepreneur magazine.

It provides its employees with an attractive compensation package and benefits such as 401(k), pension, medical and dental assistance, paid off time, trainings for skill development among others, plus a friendly working environment.

Auto repair and painting is a passion more than just a job for most MAACO employees. They stay at the company for good because it also offers an excellent work environment to practice their craft and provide satisfaction to customers.

How old do you have to be to work at MAACO?

In USA, at least 18-year old applicants can work at the company. However, in Canada, they have a different minimum age requirement for employment. You can check provincial websites to know if the age of the applicant matches the legislation in the area.

MAACO Careers

Automotive Detailer – Their main duty is to follow verbal and written instructions based on the supervisor and the client. They should be highly attentive to detail and willing to work long hours to finish projects on time. Artistic skills are highly necessary.

Automotive Masker – They prepare vehicles for the paint booth within a specific time frame. They are also expected to keep the painter supplied with at least two properly masked vehicles at all times.

Automotive Painter – Tasks include inspecting the car before starting and mixing primers and paints based on the shop rules and policies. They are also in charge of delivering exact products and services based on specs on time.

Auto Body Repair Technician – assemble and disassemble vehicles, and conduct block sanding of primer area. They also mask and prime repair areas, apply bond to body repair area, and frame measuring among others.

Here are other common jobs that you can access at the company: estimator associate, automotive prepper or sander, customer service representative, and call center agent.

MAACO Application

MAACO facilitates an online job application section through its website. They list and arrange their available jobs based on category – ex. retail, corporate, and engineering, among others.

Applicants can also apply personally as walk-ins in any of its store locations. However, online application is still highly recommended as this is faster and easier.

On the Careers section, applicants will be prompted to fill out an application form at the bottom. It is important to give all required information asked for and double check for grammar or spelling lapses.

Resumes should always be submitted as a PDF file. This way, the formatting and spacing of the document is preserved. Complete educational background and detailed related work experiences are also necessary. They should appear on the resume.

To prepare for the interview, applicants should practice answering questions normally asked during job interviews. Having extensive and wide knowledge about the company, its products and services is also an advantage.

Things to Know About MAACO?

As the #1 body shop, its primary culture revolves around excellence and customer satisfaction. They see to it that its clients leave with their cars happy and fulfilled. This also serves as inspiration to the staff.

MAACO has recently trademarked the name North America’s Body Shop. It has also entered into partnerships with Uber and Hertz.

MAACO is known for restoring vehicles back to their brand new appearance, According to its website, it repairs over 16.5 million vehicles with a rate of 500,000 repairs per year.

The automotive giant, through its parent company, has been conducting numerous charity works through various programs and activities such as donating to partner charities of more than $40,000. They also have programs for environment and sustainability.

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