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Known as the largest franchise in the automotive repair industry, Meineke (Mine-A-Key) is an auto repair company. They offer affordable and reliable car care all year round, catering to millions of clients and customers.

This subsidiary automotive repair company was founded by Sam Meineke in the year of 1972. It changed its name from Meineke Discount Mufflers to Meineke Car Care Centers last 2003 after deciding to expand their services in auto repairs.

Starting in Houston, Texas, the company continued to grow and expand since the year it was founded. From Canada, Mexico, Caribbean and China, they have over 900 locations and have branched out worldwide.

Being a part of the company means enjoying amazing benefits such as half-off prices for auto repairs, medical insurance, healthcare coverage and an opportunity for career advancement. They also allow a healthy work and life balance by allowing Sundays off for their employees.

This automotive repair company has an amazing work environment with learning opportunities and fun business relations with coworkers. Due to even distribution between business and non-business living acknowledged by the company, their employees can enjoy both work and family lifestyles, equally.

How Old Do I have to be to Work in Meineke?

For you to work in the company, you must be 18 years old and above.  Age requirements vary based on the position being applied for.

Meineke Careers

Technician – includes repairs and diagnosis, vehicle inspections and routine maintenance. This requires strong repair and leadership skills. The aspiring technician also needs to know how to operate heavy machinery and handheld tools.

Cashier – should possess brilliant communication skills. This position aids in customer service and support. It requires someone who knows about the products sold by the company. He also needs to have a positive demeanor.

Automotive Technician – knows several automotive and car designs to fix and diagnose issues and problems for customers. Exceptional knowledge on cars is a must as this position requires one to work with different models on a daily basis.

Service Advisor – assists customers in product purchase, storefront maintenance, and auto-technician communication. It is also crucial to be more familiar about the services provided by the company to customers. This position requires someone with excellent communication and computer skills.

Other positions available within the company for interested candidates are media coordinators, general service manager, service writer, light truck mechanic, sales associate and assistant service manager. Because they are a growing company, there is always a demand for new employees.

How to Apply for Meineke

Interested candidates may apply for the company through in store application or online via their official website. Those interested in becoming part of the franchise can find links on the web, but there are no printable applications found within their online page. It is best to apply in person.

Online, simply follow the links provided and fill out the form after reading the requirements. When applying in person, speak to the onsite management before turning in your application. A short interview will follow. After which, managers can hire competent applicants.

When filling out the application form and writing down a resume, be sure to give the correct information. Be honest while doing so. Note that false information may lead to disqualification.

Candidates who wish to win over an interview with the company must learn the importance of a quality written resume. This is considered to be the key to impress since it showcases your skills.

It is advisable to do your research prior to the interview. Showing common knowledge about the company will indicate your willingness to join the automotive repair industry.

Things to Know About Meineke

The company has a wide range of services throughout their franchise located around the world, giving them an edge within the Car Care industry. It desires to be successful and continues to do so.

In the year of 2013, they have been ranked as number 133 in the Franchise Times Top 200. The company has also been ranked as number one in the category of Automotive Repair and Maintenance across all industries by the Entrepreneur Magazine.

Meineke is known for their strong operational support and brand recognition, unlimited services, comprehensive advertising and marketing support, solid unit economics and territory protection. It adapted the specific auto repair system that costumers are searching for.

The company gives back to the public through various events. It proudly hosts a yearly celebrated charity golf tournament. The profit made in the Tournament of Champions goes directly to Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals and donations are given to children battling genetic diseases, traumatic injuries and cancer.

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