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Menchie’s is a company committed to provide best mixes of yogurt and toppings for you and your family. The business is known for its one of a kind yogurt options from its signature United Flavors of Yumm (UFY).

In May 15, 2007, the company was founded by husband and wife Adam and Danna Caldwell. The business was first established in Valley Village, a Los Angeles suburban community. Their business idea came from their common love for frozen yogurt.

Menchie’s is the leading provider of frozen yogurt franchise worldwide. The couple asked Amit Kleinberger to partner with them. Kleinberger is now heading the company as Chief Executive Officer.

You will get various benefits by working in the company. Associates have competitive pay, flexible hours, discounted or paid uniforms, as well as free products. Healthcare coverage, 401K retirement plans, and paid vacation are also given.

The company is a great selection if you want a fast-growing business with positive working environment. Before applying, you may even have the privilege to select from different locations nationwide.

How old do you have to be to work at Menchie’s?

You could be part of the team as long as you are 18 years old and above. The company is open for both full-time and part-time opportunities. If you are currently 18, you could still expect a perfect position.

Menchie’s Careers

Team Member: As a Team Member, you are expected to represent an entry-level position. Several duties include stocking supplies, prepping toppings, taking orders, accepting payments, and cleaning the restaurant.

Shift Leader: The job description includes directing your team members in completing daily routines. Interaction with customers is also required to ensure their satisfaction. Stocking supplies, accepting payments, and preparing food are also responsibilities.

Store Leader: The position will lead the other team members by example. Responsibilities include ensuring sales increase, closing deals, and attending to customers. The job also requires constant coordination to sales department.

Quality Assurance: A Quality Assurance consultant is responsible for ensuring standards in service, cleanliness, and quality. The main goal of the position is to maintain the satisfactory overall performance of the store.

Other available jobs in the company are Educator, Product Development Technician, Assistant Management, and Store Manager. The team works in different shifts from Monday to Thursday, Friday to Saturday, and Sundays.

Menchie’s Application

The application at the company could be done online. You could use its online application systems and get confirmationfrom the management upon receipt of your application. Most of the time, it takes a week before the company responds.

Simply use the job information form on the company’s page to submit preliminary data for your application. Along with it, you have to attach your resume, salary history, requirement, and availability.

Complete the application form as much as possible. Make sure that every entry is accurate, especially in contact information. As mentioned, the management reaches its potential candidates quickly.

Your resume must be detailed enough to explain your previous employment duties. If you do not have a previous job, you should not worry for the company accepts entry-level hopefuls.

Anticipate an invitation interview within a few days. The company does not focus on applicants with varieties of backgrounds. They offer students and fresh graduates job opportunities as long as they have personable attitudes.

Things to Know About Menchie’s 

Menchie’s is known for providing services that make people smile, as stated by its motto. The business serves yogurt options of diverse flavors and toppings. Besides its products, it also provides individuals interested in specialty food industry chance for a career kickoff.

The franchising company is rapidly growing. One of its 2016 openings is its store between Firehouse and Chipotle Subs. The project costs around $300,000 to $350,000. The new store is just an addition to the company’s network of over 500 franchises.

The specialty food company is known for its soft-served frozen yogurt with different sauces and toppings. Classic flavors of its yogurt are chocolate, vanilla, dulce de leche, and cheesecake. Toppings are cookies, fresh fruit, and candies.

The company does not only make people smile with its frozen yogurt, but with its clever fundraising ideas. Simply submit the organization you want to help with funds via its website. Afterwards, the company will provide everything you need to promote the event.

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