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Mercedes-Benz is an international automobile manufacturer. The luxury brand has long been known for its coaches, buses, trucks, and luxury vehicles. The company is under Daimler AG, a German company known for manufacturing buses and financial services since 2009.

The company was founded in 1965. Nonetheless, before it established a name, its import segment started in 1952 under Max Hoffman. Hoffman is the man behind the iconic 300SL Gullwing in America. The current head of the company is Dieter Zetsche.

The luxury car brand has expanded its reach nationwide and beyond. It employs over 1,600 people and more than 350 associated dealerships. The latter involves up to 22,000 people. Few of the company’s locations are Singapore, Germany, Russia, Brunei, Taiwan, and China.

Employees at the international company get vision, dental, and other healthcare coverage. Other benefits include paid vacation, amazing vehicle purchase program, and excellent pension plan.

People like working in the company for it welcomes multinational associates and talents. Though it has a challenging workplace, the company focuses on giving its associates career advancements in the long run.

How old do you have to be to work at Mercedes-Benz?

The minimum age requirement to work at the company depends on the position you are applying for. There are states that allow 14-year olds to work. Alternatively, there are regions that only allow 16 or 18 years old applicants.

Mercedes-Benz Careers

Automative Sales: Becoming a sales associate at the luxury car company requires helping customers find the right vehicle for them. It is a responsibility to increase sales volume and profit. In addition, Automative Sales team is expected to build good customer relationships.

Customer Service: The job requires responding to customer inquiries. The core responsibility is divided into different tasks, such as interpreting concerns, liaising with technicians, estimating repair time, and promoting service facilities.

Entry-Level Technician: The technician job involves performing repair, maintaining records of projects, operating equipment and tools, and road testing among others. Light maintenance is usually assigned to Entry-Level Technician, such as flushing cooling system, changing filters, and rotating tires.

Receptionist: Showrooms require Receptionists, who will be assigned with administrative and customer service tasks. Few of the job duties include scheduling appointments, answering calls, and building good customer relationships.

Other vacancies in the company include Paintless Dent Removal Technician, Service Valet Driver, Car Washer, Internet Sales Associate, and Service Advisor.

Mercedes-Benz Application

You could apply to different locations of Mercedes-Benz via online resume submission. The main job portal is located in its parent company’s official website.

Daimler’s official website offers an intuitive job application system. You could use its searching feature to view all jobs. You may also create your own job page or profile under the website to monitor your applications.

It is mandatory to register for an account under the web application system. Afterwards, you will be requested to fill out information needed for your evaluation.

If you could make your resume very smart yet straightforward, do so. The company is seeking individuals with talent, creativity, and enthusiasm for growth. In addition, with its worldwide prominence, anticipate a tough competition.

Common questions are asked when you are invited for an interview. You should prepare ahead by creating a draft of how you will sell yourself. Do not forget your goals relative to your desired position. In addition, always consider thinking of solutions that will help you cope up with the challenging workplace.

Things to Know About Mercedes-Benz

Mercedes-Benz has been applying extraordinary practices in its vehicle engineering, design, and developments.  Its workplace prides its brilliant people, which are known for their exceptional talents in making the company one of the best workplaces worldwide.

The company recently released its sales in October 2016. The management disclosed a 0.7% increase in its grand total sales valued at over 300,000 units. The company’s CEO is confident that its fourth quarter will be strong as the previous periods.

The luxury car brand is known for its model lines under C-Class, E-Class, and GLE categories. Its high-performance units have been recognized worldwide. Until now, the manufacturer is known for its vehicle durability and quality.

The social efforts of the car company are equally outstanding. One of the credible community efforts of the company is to employ people under disabled and autism groups. Since 2012, the company also supports The Laureus Foundation.

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