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Seventy-five years of service proves the quality of service that Alaska Airlines give to its customers as an international carrier. Its modern fleet of Boeing aircrafts serves three countries and sixty cities or around 17 million customers annually.

Mac McGee’s decision to fly his humble Stinson in 1932 paved the way for the company to be a success. The largest airline was then created with Star Air Service. After several changes it was called Alaska Airlines.

The company’s success is well proven by the number of awards they have received. It had the highest customer satisfaction for years and is the most on-time major airline in North America.

These awards would not be possible without the cooperation of its 10,000 workers. To keep their employees motivated,they provide health rewards, financial benefits, and operational performance rewards for qualified employees. Travel privileges are given to all employees.

The company does not only help an applicant land a job. With the part-time and full-time jobs they offer, employees are given various skills development trainings. It is considered as both an ideal place for work and growth.

How old do you have to be to work at Alaska Airlines?

Age requirement should be meet to apply. Job applicants are expected to be 18 years old and above to be able to land a job in this company. 

Alaska Airlines Careers

Flight Attendant:Flight attendants are given the task to ensure that the passengers are provided with assistance, comfort, and the knowledge on safety rules and regulations during the flight.

Ramp Service Agent: Ramp service agents ensure the safety of the cargos when it is being loaded or unloaded. They areresponsible of keeping the warehouse areas in order.

Customer Service Agent: Customer service agents are in charge of the ticket counters. They are expected to facilitate the ticket and check-in-process to provide the customers convenience during travel.

Regional Cargo Contract Service Lead: Regional Cargo Contract Service Leads are responsible for the cargo vendor operations. They examine and provide solutions on delays and other irregularities on any cargo activity.

Other job offerings include entry-level opportunities and specialized jobs. The airline is hiring airframe vendor maintenance representativeswho are responsible for contracting vendors, manufacturers, and other airlines. The general manager cargo and flight instructor positions are also open for application.

Alaska Airlines Application

A list of job openings is in the official website of Alaska Airlines along with the job descriptions. An account is needed before one can file an online application form.

Because of its convenience, Alaska Airlines prefer to make use of online application for job applicants since sorting out information will be easier in their part.

Job applicants are expected to prepare their work history for the past decade since the airline will most likely ask about this information. Past experiences that are related to the job being applied for will make a good impression.

Resumes are also encouraged which should include current and relevant accomplishments of the applicant. Keeping it precise and direct to the point is a must since the company does not have the time to read a two-page long resume.

Multiple interviews will then follow. Job applicants should be prepared on how they will convince the interviewer that they are an asset to the company rather than a liability. Eye contact is also needed to convey confidence.

Things To Know About Alaska Airlines 

The company does not only focus on gaining profit. This airlineupholds the values of professionalism and originality along with the desire of giving back to the community.

Year 2016 has been successful for the airline along with the awards and recognitions they garnered. The company was part of the top 20 safest airlines by Airline Ratings and has the Best Travel Reward program for this year.

This company was also recognized as one of the best employers in America. This is not surprising at all considering the way they handle their workforce.

Serving the community is another thing that the company focuses on. The thirst for adventure and fun-filled moments complements the airline’s goal of helping the community around them to attain success just as they did.

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