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Merlin Entertainments

Merlin Entertainments is the largest European-based amusement park. For almost twenty years, it has provided entertainment. The company is managing more than 10 brands of theme parks, hotels, and holiday villages.

In 1998, Andrew Carr and Nick Varney completed a management buyout with Vardon Attractions with the sponsorship of Apax Partners. Later on, it was sold to Hermes Private Equity.

As of to date, it has more than 100 of amusement parks in 24 countries across 4 continents. The company employs more than 20,000 personnel.

Merlin Entertainments provides many benefits to its employees. These include holiday pay, incentive, health and life insurance coverage. Eligible employees may also opt for the 401(k) retirement plan.

For people who like to bring smiles (and screams) to the customers, working with the company is fulfilling and enjoyable. Aside from career satisfaction, the challenges of making the theme park safe and fun for customers may be a reason.

How old do you have to be to work at Merlin Entertainments?

You must be 18 years old to work in the company. A high school certificate is sufficient in applying for an entry-level position. However, some entry-level positions may require higher education.

Merlin Entertainments Careers

Attractions Associates: Basic arithmetic skill is essential for this position. Attraction associates record the waiting times for every ride in the park. They may also oversee other attraction areas inside the amusement park.

Admissions Associates: They are responsible for the proper admission of customers, either walk-ins or reservations. Associates record the check-in of all patrons and work closely with the attractions associates to ensure reservations from patron are handled properly.

Booking Coordinators: They manage the booking department of the theme park. Coordinators assist customers who like to reserve for group bookings such as field trips, birthday parties. They assist the marketing manager in promoting the amusement park.

Retail and Food Hosts: Employees ensure that the retail products inside the amusement park are properly tagged and displayed. They work closely with the retail department so that the supply of food and beverages are kept at an optimum level.

Other positions may include sales associate, customer service representatives, catering coordinator, administrative assistant, receptionist, groundskeeper, park ranger, trade sales coordinator, entertainment technician, usher, operations associate and cash control associate.

Merlin Entertainments Application

The application process consists of three stages. First is an online application that contains two assessments and personality profiling. The second stage is a video interview. Lastly, you will undergo an independent global assessment.

As of the moment, the company accepts online application. For more information on personal submission of application, you may call the nearest Merlin Entertainments amusement park.

Visit first the independent assessment site before starting the online application. You will know what to expect from the assessment. You may also ask questions regarding the assessment. Spare an hour or so in completing the entire application process.

You may not be able to attach your resume to your online application. However, always make sure you bring at least one copy of your updated resume on your scheduled interview.

If you haven’t visited the company’s amusement park, try doing so before attending your scheduled interview. Visiting the amusement park is not a requirement but it will help you get a clearer picture of what the company does.

Facts About Merlin Entertainments

The company takes pride in making customers cherish every moment spent in the amusement park. The employees, despite giving fun and laughter, are dedicated and hardworking. Their concern on the safety of the customers enjoying the rides is evident.

Last year, Merlin Entertainments opened its doors in the Middle East and started the operations of Legoland, one of its many popular theme park brands. This is where people can find the tallest LEGO building in the world.

The company is popular for its innovative amusement parks and LEGO building structures. Every two years, Merlin Entertainments introduces new and exciting theme park rides.

One of the company’s social efforts is Merlin’s magic wand. The organization gives free admission tickets to children with disabilities and illness. With these tickets, the children enjoy a magical day in the attractions park.

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