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Merle Norman Cosmetics has its own line of cosmetic. It manufactures, distributes and develops its own skin care and beauty products. The company also offers franchising opportunities to interested entrepreneurs.

The founder was Merle Norman. She made her own beauty products by using ingredients from her kitchen. She started her first cosmetics studio way back in the 1930s.  As of to date, Jack Nethercutt manages the company.

The company’s main seat of operation is in Los Angeles, California. Approximately, it has more than 2000 cosmetics studios in the United Stated, Mexico and Canada.

Employees receive benefits such as holiday pay and vacation leave. Aside from these, they enjoy different incentive schemes and can opt for a retirement plan.

Aside from the many benefits, the opportunity to meet other people is one of the reasons why people like working in the company. People who like working in cosmetics and sales industry would definitely like to work here.

How old do you have to be to work at Merle Norman Cosmetics?

The minimum age requirement is 16 years old. Thus, if you’re still in high school and want a part-time job, you are qualified for any entry-level position. Some studios may require a work permit for applicants below 18.

Merle Norman Cosmetics Careers

Beauty Consultants: Consultants are the “go-to” staff of every customer in Merle Norman Cosmetics. Applicants should be knowledgeable in beauty products and their appropriate application. They recommend makeover to customers.

Key Holders: They are responsible for the opening and closing of the store. Key holders also manage the storage area and other similar storages where the products are kept.

Cosmetic Sales Agents: Agents offer products to prospective customers. They may spend most of their work time outside, looking for customers. They may even give out samples of new product line.

Studio Managers: They manage the daily transactions in the studio. Managers ensure that the employees are working and doing their best to hit monthly quota. They make recommendations regarding hiring requirements.

Other positions may include stylist, assistant salon manager, and assistant spa manager, quality assurance associate, pricing coordinator, human resources associate, account coordinator, financial analyst and business analyst.

Merle Norman Cosmetics Application

You may contact the HR department through the online contact form in the company’s main site. In the option for the type of message, select career. The application form may slightly vary depending on the location of the store.

Since Merle Norman has many independent owners, the application may vary by location or by a franchise. It is best to call the number specific to a store to inquire on how to apply.

The application form has two pages. Answer all the required information honestly and correctly. Avoid leaving anything blank.

Sales experience is an advantage but not required. If you do not have any sales experience, an extensive knowledge on cosmetics may be sufficient to get that job in Merle Norman Cosmetics.

The interview process does not require any examination. However, prepare for it before going to your scheduled interview. Expect to hear questions on the products that the company sells.

Facts about Merle Norman Cosmetics

Merle Norman Cosmetics has been providing opportunities to entrepreneurs who would like to venture into the cosmetics industries. With an established network of customers, these entrepreneurs find opening a franchise is a lucrative business.

Recently, the company announces a new product line that customers will surely love. In the recent years, it continues to introduce products that are worthy of every woman’s (or man’s) money.

The company is known for helping mothers, and budding entrepreneurs achieve economic stability by offering them work as independent agents.

The company has been a supporter of many charity organizations. It conducts and collaborates with fashion companies to raise funds and donate these to the eligible organization.

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