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Pay O Matic

Pay O Matic is a financial services company that provides check cashing, money transfers, and bills payment services. The company is the biggest financial solutions provider in New York and is commited to widening its reach to serve the underbanked.

Pay O Matic was incorporated in 1950 as Paymaster Corp. by John Barone. By focusing its services to meet the demands of low-income groups, it enabled the company to grow its operations, generating more than 100 million in annual revenues.

All of its 150 locations are operated by around 500 to 1,000 employees. It remains a private company offering financial services in one of the world’s most important financial centers – the city of New York.

The company provides its employees with competitive wages, healthcare plan, life insurance, 401(k) retirement plan, and paid vacation, sick leave, and holiday pay. It also provides flexible scheduling and advancement opportunities across its 150 branches.

Employees appreciate the company’s work environment as it serves as a great training ground, most especially for young professionals seeking job experience in a financial institution.

How old do you have to be to work at Pay O Matic?

Pay O Matic requires its employees to be at least 18 years of age. With a wide range of positions, it’s easy to choose a role that matches your skills and experience.

Pay O Matic Careers 

Service Associate: This role requires the ability to handle financial transactions and build customer relationships. It is a demanding role because of the need for excellent communication, as well as interpersonal and sales skills.

Teller: This position requires the ability to provide financial services directly to customers. The responsibility to handle transactions requires both in-depth product knowledge and execution intelligence.

Loan Associate: This role deals directly with loan processing and approval. It requires the ability to analyze customer qualifications and reconcile this information with the company’s lending standards.

Assistant Manager: This is a position available to professionals with a previous experience in the financial industry. This requires an ability to supervise subordinates, manage store operations, and meet operational goals.

The other employment opportunities offered by the company include Customer Service Representative and Manager. It also offers roles in operations, HR, legal, marketing, and finance departments.

Pay O Matic Application

The company offers an online job application platform to accommodate applicants from all over the country. By creating an account, applicants will have direct access to jobs available and can directly apply for available positions.

The online application offers a quicker procedure in evaluating your credentials and for being considered for a job. It also makes the job search easier by knowing which location needs more personnel.

The company requires your personal and professional information to be complete and accurate, especially when filling up the application form. Consider preparing all the necessary documents to ensure you’re giving correct and updated information.

While it’s important to highlight your experiences and career achievements in your resume, take time to list down all the skills you have acquired that will enable you to handle the rigors of a job in finance.

During the interview, it is important to exude professionalism and a positive attitude. Be confident in your capability and assert your commitment to the company.

Things To Know About Pay O Matic

Since its establishment, Pay O Matic has been serving the underbanked market which generates a significant source of revenue in the financial industry. This culture of serving the less privileged offers its employees a fulfilling and rewarding experience.

One of the biggest threats to business is exposure to theft and robbery. This challenge that hampers the companies in the industry quite often does not prevent Pay O Matic from opening new locations.

Pay O Matic is known to be the leading financial solutions provider among the low-income market. It aims to continuously improve its services and build on the experience and knowledge it has gained over the years.

The company extends its success to charitable organizations through monetary assistance. It supports FSCNY / Moneygram International Scholarship Program, Western Union Pride of the Caribbean Scholarship Program, and the American Red Cross.

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