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Our pets are part of our family and PetSmart keeps that in mind when choosing a variety of pet programs, food, and accessories. They provide pet owners with the peace of mind of good pet services such as grooming, training camps, and adoption clinics.  They also operate boarding facilities for cats and dogs.  Partnering with many charities, they are able to host adoption events all over the US.

PetSmart stores are available throughout the U.S., Puerto Rico, and Canada.  In about 60 % of the stores is their own veterinarian hospital that is privately owned.  There are around 1.352 stores including PetHotels and Doggie Day Camps. PetSmart jobs are available all over the U.S. They employ about 53,000 people in their various departments.

Through their online stores, pet owners are able to shop for pet supplies and get up to date information regarding the care of their pets.  PetSmart’s first store was opened in 1987 known as PetFood Warehouse.  PetSmart offers many services that make life a lot easier.  Their Doggie Day Camp program allows for pet parents to complete important tasks while their pet is being trained and entertained.

A career at PetSmart is going to be a rewarding one.  Their adoption centers have saved over 400,000 animals from being euthanized and given them a good place to call home.  There are many locations that are currently hiring.  The PetSmart application is easy to follow and is a free application.   Check out what PetSmart jobs are available in your area and apply online.

PetSmart Careers

PetSmart Careers are fit for all animal lovers and fit all areas of skills.  With multiple job opportunities, an employee here can work and have fun at the same time. There are positions that require 100% contact with animals which include feeding and cleaning their sleeping areas.  Taking care of a sad or sick pet can be very rewarding.  Seeing the pet parents happy is the ultimate goal for each employee here.

There are positions available in retail stores, Doggie Day Camp, PetsHotel, and distribution centers.  There are also positions available in their corporate headquarters such as, human resources, quality control, and area manager. The PetSmart jobs online website will be specific as to what they are currently hiring for. Each team member brings a valuable skills that creates a good working environment for the associates and for the pets as well.

How old do you have to be to work at PetSmart?

Your PetSmart careers can start as early as 16 yrs. old. This employment opportunity can greatly open many doors to success.

Along with the many benefits working with animals brings to your health, PetSmart careers also offer many benefits to their associates.  As a PetSmart employee, you will receive medical and life insurance, short term disability, a 401k account, paid leave, and great discounts throughout the store for you and your pets.  Your pets may receive free training classes and grooming services.

PetSmart stores are available daily from 9 am to 9 pm Monday-Saturday and 10 am to 7pm on Sundays.  Some of their services like Doggie Day Camp and Veterinary services may close at different times.  Stores closed for all major holidays in the United States and Puerto Rico.

PetSmart Job Descriptions

Pet Products Associate-   Associate will know in depth the information regarding the products available at the stores and direct customers in the right direction.  They will assist in re-stocking and providing assistance to customers, managers, and team members.  They make around $9.15 per hour.

Cashier- As a cashier you will ensure that each pet parent has found everything they were looking for and if not, assist them with any questions they may have.  Every product or animal needs to be rang in and collect the proper form of payment.  Returns and exchanges will also be part of your responsibilities.  Hourly wage of $9.05.

Pet Trainer- They are the ones that work closely with pet owners and work hard to ensure their pet has good behavior.  They will nurture the pet and show them how to behave appropriately.  They must be passionate about animals and have good patience. Trainers make around $10.14 hourly.

Groomer- No experience necessary, the groomers bathe, brush teeth, clip toe nails, and refresh the pets.  They may administer small amounts of medication for fleas with veterinarian supervision. $10.38 hourly is their wage.

District Manager- Oversees the daily sales and operations of multiple stores.  They ensure that everything is running smoothly and everyone is following the State Laws.  You will make sure that the inventory is good and profits are high.  Salary of about $110k.

The reference and application link at the bottom of the page will give you more in-depth information on PetSmart Careers, job description, and how to apply for PetSmart jobs online.

PetSmart Interview Questions

First and foremost, find a PetSmart job application online, fill it out and submit it.  Once they call you for the interview, be prepared to answer some of the following questions:

Are there any animals you don’t feel comfortable working with? This question is important because they want to make sure that you are not nervous and are able to work properly with the animals.  If there is one particular animal, let them know which one and why.

What experience do you have working with animals?  Most positions at PetSmart require you to have some type of contact with pets.  Any type of contact that you have had in the past with pets will be a good thing.  Be specific and sound happy talking about it.

Can you handle loud noises? In a store full of pets it is bound to get a little noisy.  Don’t feel bad if you don’t think you can.  Most of the time, people tend to get used to the barking and meowing and are able to work efficiently.

Why do you want to work here?  This is a good opportunity to maybe share your values with them such as caring for unprotected animals or wanting to make a difference my helping pet owners take care of their pets.  You don’t have to have experience in the industry either so you can also mention that you want to learn more.

What are your strengths that will help you in your job?  Any love for animals will definitely be a good answer.  Also let them know you are able to work with care and with an upbeat personality.  If you know a lot about cats or dogs is also a good answer.

Advice for Application Process

The printable application for PetSmart is available to download application form thru their careers link below.  Applications for jobs can be filled out in person at your local store. Make sure to bring a pen with you and dress appropriately since you may be asked to stay for an interview right away.  Wear business casual clothes if you can.  Jeans and a dress shirt would work or a nice dress.

You may also apply for jobs at PetSmart with an online application form.  The direct application will ask you to upload a current resume.  The application process doesn’t take long.  Once you have decided on what position or positions you are seeking, be prepared with information regarding the company and job descriptions. Having some knowledge of pet care is definitely a plus during the interview process.

During your interview you may be asked to engage with pets so don’t be shy. Interact with them like you would at home.  They will ask you some of the questions above so it is important to answer truthfully and with some knowledge of the question so you’re prepared.  Having a good attitude is important as well as coming off with confidence.

Over all, a job at PetSmart is a very nice career to begin.  Whether you have little to no experience, working with animals is such a refreshing job.  Sometimes it is best to apply in person so get the printable application form and take it in person if it is convenient for you.  However, applying online can be more beneficial since you will be applying directly to the position that you want.

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