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Founded in 1965, Petco continues to grow as a place for people who share their love and values for animals.  Their headquarters are located in San Diego and San Antonio.  Petco’s way of taking care of animals and their parents has set the tone for a lot of saved animals through their adoption programs.  More information on the Petco application follows.

They manage The Petco Foundation to raise money and awareness for the wellbeing and care of all animals.  So far, they have reached $125 million.  They have many adoption events as well. There are over 1200 stores nationwide with about 486 jobs currently available through their direct application online.

Their stores are located all over the United States, Mexico, and Puerto Rico.  Unleashed and Pooch Hotel are also a part of Petco.  Pooch Hotel offers services like pet grooming, spa, and boarding. The pet care industry has grown rapidly allowing animals and their caretakers to live happily.

People really look forward to coming to work every day.  There are many job opportunities available at Petco and their free application system is very easy to follow through their careers genie link.  At Petco, every employee is an advocate for animals.

Petco Careers

There are many rewarding employment opportunities.  Petco jobs come with great benefits like medical, dental, and vision insurance.  There is also a 401K with matching contributions and a health savings account.  Their job website has free applications online and you can choose by department, location, and desired schedule.

How old do you have to be to work at Petco?

18 years of age is the requirement for all employees.  There are some locations such as Alaska where you may apply at the age of 16.  The application form will not allow anyone to go further should they be younger than 18.

The departments available at their retail stores are sales associate, pet groomer, and store manager.  There are many executive positions available in their corporate offices. Some managers can make up to $52,000 per year depending on level of experience.  The starting pay for entry level associates is $8.25 and vary depending on department.

The company offers a state of the art training program to ensure the success of every team member.  Because their business is caring for animals, they have to be sure to go through extensive training regarding pet care laws and health standards.  Since the nature of the business is to care for pets, having people that share the same values is important for the success of the company.

Stores open daily with hours from 9am to 9pm Monday thru Saturday and 9am to 7pm on Sundays.  Stores may be closed for business during holidays.   Check your local website for specific hours and closings.

You can apply online or download application form through their website.

Petco Job Descriptions

For your online application, make sure to state what position you are looking for.

Sales Associate– Starting at $9 per hour, the sales associate is required to possess product knowledge in order to assist the customer in purchasing the proper items for the care and feeding of their pets.  They produce sales by suggestive selling and good customer service techniques.  They assist in inventory, stocking, and cleaning of the store.  They also help in the caring of the animals.

Cashier– At the front end of the store, a cashier is in charge up ringing up purchases and receiving the proper form of payments such as cash, checks, or credit cards.  They also process returns and exchanges.  Cleaning duties and customer service are also requirements for this job.  Pay starts at $7.25 and increases with experience.

Grooming Assistant– Pays minimum wage.  This job is ideal for people with little experience and assist the groomer in several things.  They bathe and brush the animals, clean teeth, and trim nails.  They schedule appointments, follow up, and maintain the work area clean while taking good care of the animals.

Managers– There are several sub-departments in management such as assistant manager, area manager, and general manager.  Their responsibilities include creating budgets, managing inventories, employee scheduling and hiring, opening and closing of the store, and supervising employees.  Pay ranges from $12-$13/hr to salary between $30,000-$60,000.

Petco Interview Questions

There will be some questions during your interview that will be asked that are important to answer properly.

Do you have any pets and what do you love about having them? It is important to answer truthfully even if you don’t own a pet.  You can say that you would love to have one but for your own reason you just can’t have one.  If you do have one, tell them how much you like to spend time with them and why.  They want to know you enjoy animals and can work well with them.

Do you have any experience working with animals? This is an important question since you will be around or working with animals all day.  It can be bathing and grooming your own pets or walking the neighbor’s dog.  Anything pertaining to pets can be beneficial here because they want to know that you are responsible with animals.

Why do you want to work here?  An obvious answer can be because you love pets in general and enjoy being around them.  Tell them that working with pets seems to be a very fulfilling job.  Tell them that you want to make a difference and enjoy helping people care for their animals and work with people that share your same values.

Do you have customer service experience? Let them know your skills gained on your previous jobs that have to do with customer service.  If you don’t have any previous employment history, tell them that again you like animals and like talking to their owners.  Let them know that you are interested in learning more to gain more experience.

Describe a typical day at your previous work.  Go over a pleasant day at your previous job and explain what you enjoyed about it.  You can mention a time where you gave excellent customer service and made someone’s day special by going above and beyond.

If hired, what can you do to help raise money for Petco?  You can say anything from Facebook campaigns, to maybe church events, schools, and hosting other events at different venues like dog parks.  They will want to know that you will participating in this important foundation.

Advice for Application Process

It is easy to apply for jobs at Petco.  You can browse and find many wonderful Petco jobs online via their Petco Careers website.  They have many tips on how to apply for Petco online.  There is also a printable application for Petco if you want to take it directly to your preferred store.  Always specify which position you are applying to when completing the interview process when filling out the Petco application.

Be sure to have your resume ready and dress business casual.  Some of their interviews are performed in groups in store.  They do this to see how you interact with customers, their pets, and your fellow peers. Be confident and firm.  It can be very intimidating being in a group so be confident and show them you care about the animals.

Show up with a smile on your face.  Since they have flexible schedules, be sure to specify any requests for specific days that you can’t work.  The hiring process can take up to 4 weeks.  Be sure to follow up a week later if you have not heard back from them.  Try to follow up in person rather than phone and let them know how important working there is for you.

Interviews are very short in duration and may last up to 30 minutes.  Always have the required knowledge regarding the position you are seeking and ask as many questions regarding their company and the position you are seeking.  This shows them that you are really interested in the company and are ready to work.

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