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Pet Supplies Plus is a privately owned chain of stores in the United States specializing in food and other supplies for pets. The company offers grooming services and self-serve pet washing stations at its stores as well. You can find a link at the bottom to get a Pet Supplies Plus application.

The chain was founded in 1988 in Redford, Michigan by Jack Berry and Harry Shallop. They modeled their new stores after supermarkets, with overhead signs and convenient parking, and located them in neighborhoods. There were 30 locations by 1993. You can get applications for Pet Supplies Plus jobs at their website.

Irving Place Capital, a private equity firm, bought the business in 2010. Today there are more than 325 of the specialty stores. They’ve spread to 25 states, and plan to keep growing. Some of the stores are company owned, and many are franchises. The business offers franchise ownership opportunities at their website. You can get a free application below.

The stores have a friendly atmosphere, especially for animal lovers. Customers are encouraged to bring their pets with them to shop, and pets may sample treats. The stores regularly host events to benefit their communities, like pet adoption days, VIP Pet Care Clinic days, Senior Tuesdays, and more. Events vary by location.

Pet Supplies Plus Careers

The company offers career opportunities at its corporate headquarters, in Livonia, Michigan, and at its distribution center, in Seymour, Indiana. Some examples of these positions are Accounting, Clerical, IT, Human Resources, Distribution Operations, Grooming, Maintenance, Store Operations, and more. These positions are posted on the website as they become available.

In-store and entry-level job opportunities are also posted on the website when a store is hiring. These positions include Stocker, Cashier, Groomer, Shift Manager, Assistant Manager, and Manager. A full job description explaining responsibilities and requirements can be read at the company’s site, but only when there is an opening.

How old do you have to be to work at Pet Supplies Plus?

You must be 16 to work at Pet Supplies Plus, but you must be older for most positions. Be sure to look for any requirements in the description of the job you’d like before you download application form.

All employees of the business enjoy discounts. Full-time employees receive a competitive benefits package that includes health insurance with vision and dental, 401(k), and paid time off. Business hours vary from store to store. Monday through Saturday 9:00 AM to 9:00 PM, Sunday 10:00 AM to 6:00 PM are typical.

Pet Supplies Plus Job Descriptions

Stocker – As a Stocker, you would assist customers, unload trucks, stock shelves, clean the sales floor and backroom areas, care for the pets for sale, and carry heavy items to customers’ cars. You would assist co-workers as needed. You must be at least 16, physically strong, and pass a drug screening and background check. Expect pay at or a little above minimum wage.

Cashier – A Cashier assists customers, helps to keep the store clean, cares for pets that are for sale, is knowledgeable about pets, and runs the cash register. You must be at least 16 and pass a drug screening and background check to be a Cashier. Pay starts around $8.00 per hour.

Bather – As a Bather, or Groomer, you would brush, bathe, and condition pets. You would keep your station clean, and take care that the pets are safe at all times. You would be at least 18, and be a high school graduate. You must have certification or previous experience for this position. Pay starts around $10.00 per hour, plus commissions.

Shift Manager – The Shift Manager’s responsibilities include customer service, acting as a manager in the absence of a Manager or Assistant Manager, and performing office tasks like updating prices and filling in spreadsheets. Shift Managers must be over 18, have two years of retail experience, be able to operate a forklift, and be proficient in Microsoft Office programs. Salary starts around $10.00 per hour.

Pet Supplies Plus Interview Questions

You should be prepared for questions like these when you interview for Pet Supplies Plus jobs:

How much do you enjoy animals? A love of animals is very important for anyone working directly with customers in this industry. You can expect to discuss and see them every day. A love of animals is essential for employment in this business. Employees interact with customers’ pets, and care for pets for sale.

How much do you know about pets? If you know a lot about a type of pet, like reptiles, for example, talk about it. Your knowledge would be an asset to the store. The more you know about animals the better for any jobs the company offers. Let your interviewer know if you are especially knowledgeable.

Can you lift 50 pounds? Working in the stores requires lifting many heavy items, such as kitty litter and bags of dog food. Some positions require the ability to operate a forklift. You may have to lift a large dog if you are a Bather. You also need to be able to stand for long periods and be able to stoop.

Do you have allergies, or any physical limitations that would prevent you from carrying out your required tasks? If you suffer from allergies or asthma, you may be miserable in this business. Dogs, cats, and other animals will be present every day. If that is not a problem, you can get an application form at the website below.

What will your drug screening and background check show? This company requires both of its applicants. If your results won’t be perfect, think carefully about what you’ll say to this, or reconsider your choice to fill out a Pet Supplies Plus application. This company is careful about who it hires.

Advice for Application Process

If you would like to know how to apply for Pet Supplies Plus online, go to their website through the application links below. The company posts any jobs that are currently open. You will not be able to apply online for in-store positions, but you can get a printable application form to take to your local store.

Corporate level careers are also posted at the site when available. You can apply online for Pet Supplies Plus careers at the corporate level by filling out a direct application at the website below. You won’t need your resume to fill out an online application. You can learn about franchise ownership opportunities at the site, as well.

Your positive attitude and a love of animals will be the most important qualities you’ll need for a job with this company. You can get an application for Pet Supplies Plus jobs online, but you will have to fill it out and take it the specific store that’s hiring to apply for jobs at Pet Supplies Plus. A printable application for Pet Supplies Plus is available at the website below.

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