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San Diego Zoo

San Diego Zoo is an amusement park that is composed of a zoo, safari park, and an institute for the conservation of wildlife. It is located in San Diego, California and is currently housing over 4,000 animals.

It started as an animal exhibition that was abandoned on 1915 due to the Panama-California Exposition. It was in August 1921 that the park was given its own land for the animals.

Yearly, the employees of the park serve over 500,000 guests from all over the world. Its efforts on wildlife conservation were recognized by a number of organizations, including the Scientific America.

Its part-time and full-time employees receive benefit packages that may include tuition reimbursement, retirement plans, insurance for pets, and healthcare programs. Each package may vary depending on the job position.

The benefits of the company also extend to the family members of the workers. It gives its employees the opportunity to spend time with their families by giving them complimentary tickets and free admission benefits.

How old do you have to be to work at San Diego Zoo?

San Diego Zoorequires its applicants to be at least 16 years old for them to work in the establishment. This applies to all open positions, regardless of other requirements.

San Diego Zoo Careers

Education Program Aide: This person is in charge of preparing the program materials for the educational programs held in the establishment. The education program aide helps the educators during these events.

Security Officer: This person is tasked to ensure the safety of the people and the properties within the vicinity. The security officer regularly patrols the area to check for any possible threats that might emerge.

Zookeeper: This person is responsible for taking care of all the animals in the park. The zookeeper ensures that the animals are properly fed and trained.

Systems Analyst/ Technician: This person analyses professional systems and perform technical work on specialized nature for the San Diego Zoo Kids Channel. The system analyst is under the supervision of the Manager of Creative Services.

This amusement park offers entry-level and professional job opportunities to its applicants. Some of these job positions include administrative assistant, aquatic animal life support, arborist, and fundraising copywriter.

San Diego Zoo Application

Before proceeding with the application process, the applicant must first create a user profile on the company’s website. The applicant must fill up the marked fields in the application form.

The company makes use of online application for an efficient and fast hiring process. Sorting out the applicants’ information will take lesser time and effort by using this method.

In filling up the application form, it’s important to provide only current and accurate information. Keep in mind that the data provided through the form is used to distinguish between qualified and unqualified applicants.

The resume must be organized well for the hiring manager to easily grasp and understand the applicant’s skills and strengths. Place the most important information first.

Be concise, confident, and specific in answering the hiring manager’s questions during the interview. The applicant must always support his/her answers to make a good impression.

Things To Know About San Diego Zoo

San Diego Zoo puts emphasis on instilling on its employees the importance of having passion on their work. Camaraderie is also greatly encouraged by the management among its workers.

The company recently released five Hawaiian crows into a forest on the Big Island. The efforts of San Diego Zoo Global, along with its partners, were labelled as one of the best wildlife conservation stories by the Scientific American.

It is not only known as an amusement park by its customers. The company is also regularly helping in conservation. It even has a channel to encourage children to support its advocacy.

Aside from having a research institute to help in the conservation of wildlife, this amusement park also shares its advocacy to people of all ages through its educational programs and television shows.

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