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Powerhouse Gym is a popular fitness club and the largest gym providing licenses to interested entrepreneurs. It has over 2 million members worldwide. Aside from the fitness industry, it diversified into the retail and media industry.

William and Norman Dabish founded the company in Highland Park, Michigan in the ‘70s. The objective of the two brothers was to provide a steady income to support their ailing father and to help other people to become fit.

The company has been operating for 35 years. It granted more than 400 local licensees in 40 states. It expanded to an international market and approved more than 20 international licenses to entrepreneurs.

Excellence in providing quality customer service is the trademark of the company. Powerhouse Gym provides a sustainable working environment to employees. It gives employees career opportunities and advancements.

People like to work in this company because of the many benefits they get to experience. They love the easy camaraderie between the members and the staff.

How Old Do You Have to be to Work at Powerhouse Gym?

An applicant should be 18 years old and above and must possess a high school diploma or equivalent. The age limit may vary from gym to gym.

Powerhouse Gym Careers

A personal trainer is the most common job in Powerhouse Gym. The job of a trainer is to create a customized fitness program for the members. Trainers help the members achieve their fitness goals.

A gym needs front desk attendants who answer customer queries and phone calls. They maintain member’s records such as appointment books and sign up forms.

When a gym is large, it may require an assistant manager. Assistant manager aids the General Manager. In the absence of the GM, they can perform the GM duties to some extent.

General Manager is also one of the sought-after positions in Powerhouse Gym. Managers oversee the daily operation of the gym. They ensure that the employees get proper training.

Aside from these four common positions, an interested applicant may opt for sales associate or a gym class instructor. A sales associate may be available to some gyms if they operate the retail department.

Powerhouse Gym Application

The application process is easy. You can apply online. Alternatively, bring your resume and copies of your certifications to the nearest gym and look for the person-in-charge.

Most gyms accept online application. However, some may not have their own website. If no website is available, you may send through email. The fastest way is to visit a gym in person.

When filling out an application form, be honest about your skills and interests. Furthermore, include extracurricular activities such as joining a sports event or attending a seminar on customer services.

In making your resume, enumerate all the athletic events you joined in the past or are currently joining. If you apply for a managerial position, include work experiences where you handle subordinates.

Before the interview, practice your answers in front of a mirror to see your expressions. Attend the interview in business attire. Be punctual. If you apply for a personal trainer, expect to hear questions related to fitness.

Facts About Powerhouse Gym

The company envisions in providing quality and affordable fitness program to its members. It aims to create a culture of camaraderie between employees and its members.

As part of its annual activities, the company holds a convention. In this convention, members, entrepreneurs, and employees can share their experiences in achieving different fitness goals.

Powerhouse Gym was the first to hold a women’s competition. It published the Powerhouse Magazine to provide pieces of advice in print and created the Powerhouse TV to serve its members better.

In order to help more people, the company opened its doors to interested executives to operate a gym under the brand. Throughout the years, the company continues to strive and to bring fitness to various people.

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