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Sleep Inn is a brand and a part of the Choice Hotels Intl., Inc. which is a hospitality corporation in America with headquarters located in Maryland, particularly in Rockville.

Choice Hotels was called Quality Courts when it started back in 1939. It then consisted of 7 motel owners all of which are down South.

There are 6,379 company properties all over the world and a total of 505,278 rooms. The total revenue is 758 million dollars for the rooms as of the third month of 2016.

The workers of Sleep Inn are offered industry-competitive compensation, options for flexible schedules, advancement opportunities, and paid training. Positions are accessible for experienced and inexperienced candidates alike.

Employees like working at Sleep Inn because the company is at the forefront in terms of technology in hospitality, and they welcome new and relevant ideas for improvement.

How old do you have to be to work at Sleep Inn?

Employment candidates that are eighteen years old or older may look for employment at Sleep Inn. Otherwise the company administrators may choose not to hire you.

Sleep Inn Careers

Front Desk Associate: Your job includes serving guests in the lobbies, providing keys to the customers’ rooms, accepting payments and providing receipts, and answering the questions of customers.

Housekeeping: You are mainly responsible for keeping the neatness and sanitation of hotel rooms by changing the beddings, emptying trash containers, washing bathrooms, vacuuming, and dusting.

Hotel Maintenance Technician:You must keep all rooms, building facilities, and public areas in a working and functional order. You are also responsible in keeping the pools clean.

Guest Service Representative:You must be passionate in serving the guests and be able to multi-task. Previous hotel experience is not necessarily a requirement for the job.

Other job opportunities that you can apply for include bell person, maintenance worker, inventory clerk, receptionist, manager, front desk agents, lifeguard, security officer, and many more.

Sleep InnApplication

The application methods vary depending on the location because the hotels are franchised by distinct operators and owners. Staff personnel generally want experienced, flexible, and positive applicants.

There is no direct link for a job application form on the company’s web page. The next option would be to submit your resume personally to those in charge.

Your application form must be completed neatly and legibly. Your application form must impress your employers before they get to know you better.Whatever is written in your application form is reflected back to you.

Consider customizing your resume if you’ve used it before on other job applications. Edit your summary statement according to the description of the job you’re applying for.

In preparing for your interview, be sure to take all the items you need such as drinking water, maps on the area of the company, details of the people you’re meeting, etc.

Things To Know About Sleep Inn

Sleep Inn attracts workers because of its convenient employment benefits. Workers describe the environment as friendly places for motivation and excellence, and the atmosphere is family-oriented and customer-friendly.

Press releases of the company Choice Hotels includes partnering with the Largest OTA in China last November 3, 2016 and the continued expansions of its hotel brands.

Sleep Inn is known for being a stylish sanctuary designed for happy night rests. In every corner there are freshly designed elements inspired by Mother Nature for customers to be refreshed and relaxed during their stay.

The company works hard to welcome and serve every guest – to make them feel respected and wanted. They are committed to make room for social responsibility.

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