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A career in the fast-fashion retail industry is for fast-thinking innovative people who thrive in a fast-paced workplace. Rainbow careers represent a fantastic opportunity to dive straight in at the deep end, immersing yourself in the world of fashion retail and gaining valuable professional experience. Apply online today and submit your Rainbow application.

The company leads the fast-fashion retail industry, continually updating with the very latest looks and fashion trends set my A-listers. It manages to supply these products to consumers at affordable prices, staying true to the principle of fashion for less, on which the chain was founded back in 1935, Ney York City.

The company is widely regarded as one of the most enjoyable places to work, where employees are stimulated not only by the fast-paced customer-facing environment in stores, but also by the progressive employment training schemes on offer to all. Teams are close-nit and effective, and the laid-back store experience extends to staff as well as customers.

Rainbow is still formally based in Brooklyn, though they currently operate in over 1000 different locations across the United States – in partnerships with sister brands 579 and Marianne. The company is a pioneer in the junior fast-fashion sector, and continues to be the fasts growing such retailer in the country.

Rainbow Careers

Store positions are based suited to energetic and enthusiastic candidates who love operating in a customer-facing role. At the sharp end of the business, it is the responsibility of store personnel to create and maintain the unique consumer experience that the company has become so well-known for having.

There are a wealth of corporate positions available, ranging from support roles to operational management. Use the link below to be shown how to apply for Rainbow online, where you can also apply for jobs at Rainbow Headquarters with a direct application.

How old do you have to be to work at XYZ?

Receipt of your Rainbow application will be accepted if you are at least 16 years old. You will find any other requirement of Rainbow jobs online by following the link below and reading the job description.

Employment perks with this company are generous. Employees can expect bonus programs to encourage performance, along with the management training to help you progress with internal job opportunities. On top of this, staff will receive contributions to 401(k) schemes, medical and dental plans, life insurance and, of course, plenty of in-store discount.

As an hourly-store employee of Rainbow, you can expect to be working a shift somewhere between the hours of 10am and 9pm Monday to Saturday. Sunday store hours are reduced, open from midday to 6pm. Candidates who can be flexible at short notice will have a hiring advantage over applications from those who are not.

Rainbow Job Descriptions

Sales Associate – This is one of the first management-level Rainbow jobs, from which you can begin to learn about the intricacies of the business and the sector and start to tilt your resume towards a future management position. You’ll need to be service orientated and high-energy, with some experience as a department leader. Expect to be paid somewhere in the region of $8 to $10 per hour.

Help Desk – Based at corporate headquarters, you will be the point of contact for colleagues in stores who need assistance. Such assistance may include troubleshooting issues with communications or interest, or reported faults with Point of Sale hardware or software. Hourly wage is dependent upon experience, but often in the region of $10 per hour.

Junior Assistant Manager – You have the ability to coach and train staff whilst multi-tasking with other areas of store operation. A high-standard of organization and professionalism is required – a team player whose attention to detail is excellent. Pay is usually in the region of $10 per hour.

Store Manager – Your responsibilities extend to the operational management of your entire local store. You will be accountable for the provision of a professional environment, maximizing sales and profits by employing company approved techniques and motivating your staff to perform to their full potential. Salary can range between $26k and $42 per annum.

Rainbow Interview Questions

You may be asked some questions like these if you get an interview:

What do you know about fast-fashion? This is why you need to make sure you have done your research! This is a fairly new phenomenon, but one that has caught on quickly. You will need to understand what this is in order to fully understand what the company provides. 

What kind of customers do we serve? You should recognize that this retailer serves customers from all backgrounds, but you should also make sure you research what the core customer base is. Knowing your target market is important. 

What have you heard about working with us? The positive experiences of past and present employees at this company are well documented. Talk about the team-work you notice in stores when you are a customer, or the relaxed and friendly attitude you see. 

What do you love about the fashion industry? Many people adore fashion for its creative and artistic flavors, a reflection of the personalities of people living in a fast and continually changing world. A love of fashion will definitely enable you to enjoy working here far better. 

What do you believe would make you fit in here? You know what the company is looking for and you know what is expected of employees. Make sure that your interviewer knows that you share these qualities and buy into the company’s core, guiding principles.

Advice for Application Process

It is not possible to obtain a printable application for Rainbow as the website does not currently feature a ‘download application form’ facility. The available posts are listed on the company’s careers website, where you can make an online application. This free application is made by simply entering some details about you and your experiences, and submitting through the website.

Your online application will need to be clear and concise. The fields are prescriptive and straightforward, meaning it is very difficult to make an error. Nevertheless, treat it like a printable application form in giving it a great presentation.

For most entry-level positions, you should hope to receive a telephone call perhaps a few days after your application has been confirmed as received via email. You may be asked a few questions on the phone, but will likely be invited to attend an interview. The interview is usually a short, informal discussion about your skills and experience, often conducted by the manager of the store you would work in.

This employer is looking for people with energy and enthusiasm, and of course a passion for fast-fashion. You will need to come across as someone who can excite consumers, but is also polite and professional in their approach to service. Be confident and dress smartly – and always remember to thank your hiring manager for his or her time.

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