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Having been in operation for over 40 years, O’Charley’s is a restaurant chain with locations in 17 Southern and Midwestern states inclusive of eight franchised and four joint venture restaurants. There are over 200+ company-owned casual dining sites. The restaurant began with the founder Charley Watkin’s in 1971 opening one restaurant near Vanderbilt University in Tennessee. Later the chain was taken over by Burns and McWhorter.

O’Charley’s first “Free Pie Wednesday” started in 2013 through which any guest that ordered an entrée on a Wednesday would receive a free slice of a new award-winning pie. The restaurant strives to be the best by having “A Passion to Serve” every day to be competitive in the industry. For employment within the restaurant scene, it should be one of your top choices to apply to.

One of the many benefits to working at O’Charley’s is an attitude of dedicated team spirit and a desire to grow and learn about working together to building relationships. Employees carry this to provide the best experience possible for all patrons. It is a company with top talent in supervising and direct staff and there are many leadership development opportunities to rise within or to improve a role in management.

For how to apply for a job at O’Charley’s online, the company has an easy set-up on their website. There you can find jobs listed by category leading you to free applications, instead of a printable application for O’Charley’s. There are many job opportunities depending upon your interest and experience level, so you are bound to find one that matches what you are seeking for in the restaurant business.

O’Charley’s Careers

There are several listed O’Charley’s jobs online available with many benefits. At the front end there are possibilities of being a host/hostess, server, line cook, or dishwasher. Each of these positions do not require much, if any experience for an entry-level worker. Within the company there is always an option to move up into a higher level manager position if you would like to make a career out of it.

If you are interested in a more advanced position, there are typically ones open to be a general, restaurant, assistant, or kitchen manager at the restaurant level. There are also sometimes openings at the corporate headquarters for the people interested in careers supporting the overall growth and quality, as well as sales outcomes of the restaurant. If you are interested in either level you can apply with an online application.

How old do you have to be to work at O’Charley’s?

Due to it being an establishment where alcohol is served, all employees must be at least 18 years of age. Those who are interested in higher level opportunities for an O’Charley’s career must also have additional experience in the restaurant business.

Perks of O’Charley’s jobs include getting half off food on days working, a decent base pay plus tips, and the ability to meet up with fun co-workers and learn cooking skills from well-trained chefs. Employment benefits are offered for all employees. Hourly employees receive paid vacation and optional enrollment in retirement plans. Managers can receive insurance reimbursements, EAP support, and 2-3 weeks paid vacation depending employment time.

Most of their restaurants operate throughout the year other than on Thanksgiving and Christmas Days. Some other holidays may have reduced hours depending on the site, so call in advance to know for sure. Hours of operation typically are Mondays through Thursdays 11:00am-10:00pm. Friday through Saturday 11:00am-11:00pm, and Sundays 11:00am-9:00pm.

O’Charley’s Job Descriptions

Server – Servers typically make $3.00 plus tips average with weekends being especially lucrative. As a server you engage customers, especially first time guests in such a positive way that they will want to come back as regulars. The job description includes making sure your tables have everything they need, working as team player, and keeping all your working areas safe and clean.

Line Cook – Each employee is expected to perform their best by being organized and working together with others, inclusive of maintaining a safe, clean environment. One of your main responsibilities is to prepare the highest quality and tastiest food to the pleasure of customers. For this position there is training to help you become a great chef following the cooking and plating procedures of O’Charley’s. Earnings are approximately $11.50 hourly. 

Bartender- A bartender at O’Charley’s helps guests feel comfortable and desire a drink by knowing how to make each drink off the menu exceptionally well and having a positive, outgoing attitude. Responsible for serving drinks to those sitting at tables wanting a bar drink, you must be a great team player. You must also refuse service to any customer under 21 or without proper ID. The salary is about $25,000.

General Manager- Responsible for the operations of the whole restaurant, including increasing sales and profit, as a manager you must be focused on raising customer satisfaction, providing attention to guests, community relations, and teamwork. You should also be willing to embrace the company’s mission by having “A Passion to Serve” and set the standard for all you work with. You can earn a salary of around $125,000 in this position.

O’Charley’s Interview Questions

Below is a list of potential interview questions you may be asked when you apply for jobs at O’Charley’s.

Why do you want to work in the restaurant industry? This question will likely be asked to determine your interest and enthusiasm in the position for which you are applying. Are you cut out to be a customer pleaser and put in what it takes to provide them the best guest experience? 

Are you a good learner? The interviewer might ask you this question to see how fast you assimilate information and also how well you will receive training and feedback. This is a common question asked of for entry-level as well as management-level positions to gain this understanding of the type of person you are. 

What is something you have gone out of your way to do for someone in a work environment? This question may be asked to see what kind of person you are and determine if you have or could potentially have a “passion to serve” the guests. Will you put yourself aside for someone else’s needs even if they are difficult customers?

What motivates you? An interviewer will ask this question when they are attempting to determine the drive you have. It may also be asked to discover how you might best receive constructive criticism and which type of positive reinforcement to use. Even if you aren’t asked this specific question, think about how you might respond to a question like this before the interview.

“How do you manage people?” or “What is your biggest accomplishments?” are questions that might be asked of someone applying for a management position or one at corporate headquarters. Questions such as these are asked to determine your management style, as well as how successful you are in such a role.

Advice For Application Process

It is now more challenging to find printable application forms or ways to download an application form, but for an easier process online applications are accessible on the company website. Those interested in O’Charley’s careers should simply be able to locate the job of their choice and apply for jobs at O’Charley’s with a direct application link. The process couldn’t be easier.

The O’Charley’s application includes asking for all the basic information such as contact and demographics, work history, educational background, and a list of references. The application also asks for you to note your availability for work. The busiest times in the restaurant business are evenings and weekends, so you are more likely to be called in if you list those times.

If a manager is going to call you after you apply online with an O’Charley’s application, it will usually happen within two weeks. It is always helpful to follow-up within a few days to ask about your application status by calling the local management though. Once you have been called, go into the interview prepared by bringing a current resume and dressing professionally.

O’Charley’s is a great place to work if you are looking for something part-time or interested in pursuing a long-term career in the service industry. Take your enthusiasm and outgoing, personable attitude with you to your interview for either position. Hiring managers will most definitely be looking for the strengths you have to bring to the restaurant, but especially in working with the guest’s day in and day out.

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