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The industry of cosmetics and personal care products like fragrances, skin care, and hair care, has greatly become one of the most important and fastest growing in the world.  Sephora began as a small perfume shop in Paris, France in 1969 named Shop 8.  If you are interested in applying to Sephora, you can find a link to the Sephora application at the bottom of the page.

Dominique Mandonnaud had a brilliant idea that people should feel, smell, and try the products before buying them after having some difficulties with some sales people and customers.  In 1970, he opened his first Sephora store.  Today, their stores are all over the United States with over 360 stores with the first one being opened in New York in 1998.  They also serve 29 other countries including Canada.

Sephora is a cosmetics, skin care, perfume, and haircare retailer with over 17,000 products from various well-known brands as well as their own self-made brand.  They have specially trained sales people and makeup artists that teach and assist customers in finding the perfect product for their face, skin, hair, and body.  Customers are able to browse their large selection of cosmetics and try them before buying them.

Headquartered in San Francisco, New York, and Toronto, they are now able to showcase their products at all JC Penny locations.  They first started in JC Penny in 2006.  In 2007, the ownership was changed to Louis Vuitton and Moet Hennessy. Sephora jobs have been awarded to the best trained applicants and have greatly benefited from their Sephora careers. Many makeup artists are wondering how to apply for Sephora online.

Sephora Careers

Sephora careers are for people that like hands on work and have a passion for innovation and beauty products.  As a leading brand of cosmetics and part of the luxury goods group in France, the offer employment to the best of the best and train their staff through Sephora University.  They want their associates to know not only the history of makeup, but also the types of skin and hair, proper makeup application, and more.

Sephora jobs offer many competitive benefits depending on the role and location of each employee.  The benefits package includes but is not limited to medical insurance, retirement plans, merchandise discounts, gym membership discounts, paid sick and vacation time, and more.  The people that have jobs at Sephora are always happy to come to work and become a part of a great group of people that share their same passion.

Job opportunities are available in their retail stores as either cashiers, makeup artists, beauty consultant, sales associate, assistant manager, or manager.  Each position comes with great advancement opportunities and continuing education through the Sephora University.  The Sephora job application online is a direct application to each specific position.  You may apply to more than one position should you meet all the requirements.

How old do you have to be to work at Sephora?

Many people start at Sephora as early as 17 years old which is the minimum age to work there.  Associates have the ability to move up into the corporate ladder should their performance and length of employment meet the requirement.  Other corporate positions may require other certification or a college degree such as loss prevention specialist, accountant, marketing director, and payroll administrator.

Sephora stores times vary from location to location and season.

Sephora Job Descriptions

Beauty Advisor- Uses their knowledge of the products offered at the store and assists customers selecting the proper product for their current needs.  Maintains the store area organized and cleaned.  Assists with makeup application demos as requested by management.  Uses suggestive selling techniques.  Their salary is around $25k a year.

Makeup Artist- Has a vast knowledge of the proper application of makeup.  Assists customers in choosing the proper products for their special event.  They use and apply the customer’s make up using the techniques they know using the right colors to complement their skin.  They make an average hourly rate of $9.27 up to $33.

Cashier- Handles all product final sales through an electronic scanner or POS.  Their responsibilities include assisting the customer in finalizing the sale or finding products.  They handle cash and other payment methods fast and accurately.  Hourly job with a wage of $9.21 to $13.24.

Retail Sales Associate- Organizes and maintains the cleanliness of the store.  They arrange demos and assist the beauty advisors with stocking and selling of the products. They refer the clients to makeup artists or beauty advisor should the client need assistance.  They make an hourly wage of about $10.75 an hour.

Operations Manager- They work together with the operations lead to make sure all operations like transfers, returns, and orders are processed properly.  They also assist customers if necessary for the success of the store.  They make about $12.75 to $21 an hour.

Sephora Interview Questions

The Sephora application is always scrutinized prior to scheduling interviews which will require you to be able to answer some of the interview questions below.

Why do you want to work at Sephora? Their store runs with people that have a passion for cosmetics and beauty products.  Be honest and share your personal reason to want to work there.

What do you think about our stores? Being informed regarding their stores and what products they sell is important to be able to answer this question truthfully.  Saying anything positive like you like that you can try the products before buying would be an ideal answer.

Where do you see yourself in five years? Many interviewers want to know if you are there for the long run or just for the ride.  No matter what the future you want is, mentioning career advancement is a great opportunity to seem like a hard working individual.

How would you help someone pick a fragrance as a gift for someone else? The ability to sell a perfume to someone other than the buyer is a great skill.  Mention things like asking questions about the person’s personality like if she/he likes sweet scents or floral scents.

Do you have previous makeup application experience? Training is provided by Sephora University so not having experience in this area is not a negative thing.  However, if you have been told or have taken a makeup application class let them know where and when.

Advice for Application Process

With the many Sephora jobs online, you will have to review each job description and either download application form through the printable application for Sephora or apply online with their free application link.  The online application will specify the job duties as well as which local store they are hiring for.  When you apply for jobs at Sephora, include a copy of your resume if possible.

The printable application form is available for you to use should you wish to deliver it to the hiring manager in person.  It is always recommended to dress appropriately when doing so in case that they ask you to stay for an interview on the spot.  Every interview will include a series of questions regarding your previous work history and personal questions to see who you are and what you stand for.

A career in the cosmetics industry doesn’t always require experience.  You may start off as a cashier or sales associate then move up to makeup and beauty advisor.  During your interview, it is important to let them know any desire to grow with the company or any future plans you may have within the same industry.  The applications received are normally reviewed quickly calls are made within two days.

A career at Sephora can lead to many wonderful experiences and a great job opportunity.  Have a great attitude and learn all you can regarding the company and what they sell as far as products and the history behind what they do.  Everyone that works there has the same kind of passion and only those who share the same values are a good fit for this company.  Answer each interview question with that same knowledge and passion.

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