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Singapore Airlines is the official carrier of Singapore with 64 destinations worldwide and fleet size of 107. It is under the management of its parent company Tamasek Holdings.

The airlines used to be a part of Malaysia-Singapore Airline until in 1972 when the two countries started operating their air transport system independently. Today, it is affiliated with Star Alliance.

It has received numerous recognitions and accolades over the years, including awards in Best airline Service Excellence, Asia’s Leading Airline (First Class), Best Airline, Best Long Haul Carrier, Best Economy Class, and Best Cabin Staff, among the most recent ones.

The company offers an attractive pay and benefits package that includes free air ticker once a year to any destination within the airline destinations, discounted travel, and competitive leave, medical benefits and profit-sharing bonuses.

Employees love working here because it offers diverse career opportunities and professional development programs and trainings that enhance their personal and professional competencies. They also provide sponsorship for continuing education.

How old do you have to be to work at Singapore Airlines?

Applicants should be at least 18 years of age to be considered eligible in any available position within the company, including ground attendant, flight attendant, and aircraft technician jobs.

Singapore Airlines Careers

Flight Attendants – They are in charge of the safety and security of passengers during the flight. They are responsible for ensuring that safety tools and facilities inside the aircraft are complete and functional. They also attend to passengers needs on-board.

Aircraft Mechanics – Their main responsibility is to diagnose malfunctions and problems and troubleshoot various aircraft systems in accordance to standard procedures and industry policies to ensure safety of flight operations.

Cargo Carriers – They are also responsible for maintaining the safety and security of cargos during transfer. They are also tasked to verify and record cargo information.

Ramp Planners – Their key role is to oversee and facilitate the scheduling and transferring of ramps. They coordinate with various departments and airline companies to ensure the availability of ramps during arrival and departure of flights assigned to them.

Other common jobs in this company that applicants can also consider are: Airline Customer Service Representative, Flight Instructor, Ground Operations Crew, Aviation Safety Crew and Aircraft Maintenance Technician.

Singapore Airlines Application

Singapore Airlines has an online job portal that contains all job vacancies and the corresponding job descriptions and requirements. Applicants can directly apply through the site and submit their curriculum vitae.

Aside from online applications, the company also accepts walk interviews for can crew and other positions. The schedules are posted on their website and social media pages.

The application form is an important document that will serves a reference for the employee to get to know the candidates. Applicants are strongly advised to provide all required details especially updated contact information.

In writing a competitive resume, it is highly recommended to limit to two pages at most. Successful applicants usually use reverse chronology arrangement and bullets instead of paragraphs.

To effectively prepare for the interview, jobseekers should conduct a background research about the company and job responsibilities. It is also necessary to look presentable and arrive on-time to make a good impression.

Things To Know About Singapore Airlines

Singapore Airlines maintains a passionate and high-spirit work environment, geared toward customer safety, security and satisfaction. Their company is composed of teams who are highly-motivated, competitive and innovative individuals committed to providing the highest quality of service.

The airline continues to expand its operations in adding destinations to its route network. It also continues to add more aircraft, add flight schedules and Capital Express Service to new locations.

Singapore Airlines is known for its hub, Changi Airport. It is one of the largest airports in Southeast Asia. Skytrax named it as the World’s Best Airport (2016) for its state-of-the-art facilities and customer service.

The company is engaged with various social responsibility programs in different countries within its route network. Its projects include the development of an ecosystem restorations resource center and scholarship grants to underprivileged children.

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