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Six Flags is the largest regional theme park company in the world providing ample opportunities for guests and employees alike. Those that submit a Six Flags application for employment can expect a fun and exciting work environment with characters from both Warner Bros. and DC Comics in any one of the 18 theme, water, and zoological parks in North America.

Angus Wynne founded Six Flags in Texas in 1961. He envisioned an opportunity for family entertainment more accessible and affordable than the competition offered and much larger in scope than a simple amusement park. The first of the theme parks, Six Flags over Texas, had six sections – one for each of the six countries who staked claim to Texas throughout the state’s history.

The first half of 2015 has proven to be a very lucrative time for Six Flags. Increased attendance and season pass purchases have led to substantial revenue increases for the company. Feedback on guest satisfaction has reached an all-time high and the company is pleased with the success of their new attractions. The future looks bright for the company and those that pursue Six Flags careers.

New attractions aren’t just fun for the guests. Employees that have the opportunity to work with the new features could find themselves on Buccaneer Beach, a playground for pirates of all sizes, or assisting new recruits into the Justice League battling the likes of Lex Luthor and the Joker. If you have an appetite for adventure, check out the website below regarding how to apply for Six Flags online.

Six Flags Careers

If you thrive on interacting with people, the decision to apply for jobs at Six Flags should be easy. Natural performers could find themselves in the costume of their favorite DC character. Foodies can offer treats to guests in the food service department. Love playing games? Play all day when you apply for a position as a games operator through Six Flags jobs online application system.

Jobs at Six Flags come in many forms. If the family entertainment industry appeals to you, but you lack the desire to perform with the public each day, consider employment in the corporate office. It takes a variety of people behind the scenes and free application of many different skills to run this large entertainment organization. Six Flags job opportunities offer something for everyone including marketing, IT, and group sales.

How old do you have to be to work at Six Flags?

You have to be at least 14 years old to work at Six Flags, but the age requirement varies by state and position. Some positions may also require previous experience or degree/certification. Read the job description carefully when you apply online to Six Flags jobs for the specific requirements. Note, there is no printable application for Six Flags.

The fun doesn’t stop with the job when it comes to employment at Six Flags. Free unlimited admission for you plus a friend combined with in-park discounts mean your time off work is just as great as your time during work hours. The company also offers other benefits such as flexible scheduling and recognition programs for its employees.

Park hours vary at each of the locations, by time of year, due to weather and the private event schedule. Operating hours are subject to change without notice, an industry standard. During peak times, parks are often open 7 days a week while open only on weekends for off-peak times. Check the park operating schedule on the location specific website or call your park of choice with questions.

Six Flags Job Descriptions

Ride Attendants/Operators – Safety first is the motto for all who venture into this role. Assisting guests and diligently following all policies are at the top, but the responsibilities list also includes inspecting, cleaning, opening, and closing your assigned ride. Put on your best smile and get ready for a lot of fun in this role. Hourly wage is usually around $9.

Logistics Manager – The Logistics and Supply Chain division needs individuals who can handle a fast-paced environment while keeping an eye on the supply chain details from start to finish. A Bachelor’s degree is usually preferred, if not required, for these roles. Median annual salary for a Logistics Manager is $73,000.

Corporate Alliances Director – This position will liaise with a wide range of businesses from local shops to Fortune 500 international corporations. Successful people in this roll will often start with an initial cold-call and, through a direct application of creativity and sales skills, build strong relationships. These relationships are crucial in order to execute mutually beneficial revenue generation programs. Median salary for a sales agent is $46,000 per year.

Loss Prevention Investigator – Sometimes loss happens. As a Loss Prevention Investigator, it is your job to either prevent loss or mitigate the damage. Those in this role will be responsible for surveillance, shoplifter apprehension, and employee investigations. On occasion, you may even find yourself a mystery shopper reporting on your experience. Median hourly wage is approximately $12.

Games Operator – If you are a natural entertainer, this role is a great fit for you. Successful people in this role will be engaging and outgoing, and always willing to strike up a conversation. If you have what it takes to motivate the public to play games with you, click the link below for the Six Flags application. Median hourly wage is $9.

Six Flags Interview Questions

What would you do if you caught someone stealing? With such large crowds of people in a concentrated area, theft will be a concern for the company.  As an employee, your eyes are valuable in these situations. Be sure you answer with integrity and with respect to the potentially public arena in which these cases may occur.

Tell me about your previous experience. This is your opportunity to let shine what unique talents you bring to the table. Whether it is an accounting or a character position, relate the position skills with something you have done previously and succeeded. Think you have no experience? Get creative. Have you been in a theater production? Taken a class? Find a way to demonstrate your skills.

Who is your favorite DC Comic/Warner Bros. character? Let out your inner geek with pride and show off your knowledge of the marquee faces for the park. The characters play an important role for the guests, especially the little ones, so knowing the behavioral expectations whether in-suit or not will be important.

Why are you interested in this position? Let your enthusiasm fly for why you applied for the job. Talk about why you like the company and job description specifically. Tie it together with your skill set and let the interviewer know why you would be successful in the role. Give them a copy of your resume. It’s a great way to remind them of your skills after your interview.

Tell me about your best visit to Six Flags. Give specific instances where the experience and level of services impacted you and made your visit memorable. Never been to the theme park? It’s best if you’ve taken some time to check the place out yourself, but if you haven’t had the chance, talk about someone else’s retelling of their visit or what you’ve heard about the experience. Do your research.

Advice For Application Process

If you are interested in working at one of the theme parks, check out their online applications page to see what positions they are currently hiring. There is no printable application form, nor is there a download application form option available. The application form and process can take up to an hour, depending on the position.

Be sure to let your enthusiasm shine through in your interview. Fun is a big part of being in a theme park. Show your interviewer how you can positively impact the theme park environment. Be careful not to be overly exuberant, you still need to be professional. Strive for excited and genuine.

Be mindful of your body language. It’s normal to be nervous, but try not to let your nerves be distracting to you or the interviewer. Practice sitting, talking, and moving with confidence. Even if your nerves are frayed, the practice will keep the telling signs to a minimum.

Double-check spelling and grammar on your resume and in the application form you submit online. You don’t want a simple mistake to keep you from a job you really want. Don’t rush the form or the conversation. If you find yourself nervous and talking too fast in the interview, take a breath and slow down.

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