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The Sprint Corporation is a wireless and wired communication services provider for consumer, business and government clients. They are one of the technology leaders in the communications industry being the first national carrier to introduce the nation’s first wireless 4G network. A Sprint application link is located at the bottom.

With an understanding that happy employees make happy customers, Sprint is hiring for many positions and looking for people who share their values of integrity, commitment, hard work and teamwork. Sprint also values the people who have served in the military through their military recruitment program. Sprint strives to bring health, wealth and happiness to each employee.

Founded in 1899 as the Brown Telephone Company, the company became known as the Sprint Corporation in 1992. Sprint is a telecommunications holding company with headquarters at the Sprint World Headquarters Campus in Overland Park, Kansas. For information on where to find a printable application for Sprint of how to apply for Sprint online, keep reading.

Today, Sprint jobs can be found at retail stores, call centers or corporate headquarters. Sprint boasts 56 million customers and provides 93% of Fortune 500 companies with wireless and wireline services. They themselves are a Fortune 100 company that employees 31,000 people in part-time and full-time roles. And they are always offering new job opportunities.

Sprint Careers

Sprint jobs can be found at their local retail locations, call centers, and at corporate headquarters in Kansas. Retail and distribution center positions include, Retail Sales Associate, Customer Service Representative, Technical Support, and Assistant Store Manager. For each job description and to apply online, go to Sprint’s free application form.

Corporate Sprint careers are located at their Overland Park, Kansas headquarters and include Applications Developer, Sales Project/Program Manager, Department Assistant, Graphic Designer, and Network Security Specialist. If you are interested in a career at corporate, use the direct application link below to see all the jobs, salary, benefits, qualification requirements, and to submit your resume.

How old do you have to be to work at Sprint?

The minimum age for employment at any Sprint location, whether at call center, retail, or corporate locations, is 18 years of age. To see all the requirements for Sprint jobs online and to apply for jobs at Sprint, go to the online application.

Sprint offers full-time, and even some part-time, employees a comprehensive benefits package. The package includes a free employee phone service plan, family discounts, health, dental, vision, 401k, employee stock options, paid vacations, and more. Corporate and some distribution centers even offer access to on-site fitness facilities, café, and game room.

The hours of operation for headquarters and call centers are 24 hours a day, seven days a week. However, some positions and offices may operate within typical business hours. Also, retail locations hours will most likely be Monday thru Saturday, 10:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m.; and Sunday 12:00 noon to 5:00 p.m. Times may vary so check their website to be sure.

Sprint Job Descriptions

Customer Service Representative (Call Center) – This role is responsible for customer satisfaction and retention and works to resolve any issues, such as billing and technical problems. Applicant must be able to navigate multiple computer screens while assisting the customer. Role requires good customer service and communication skills, High School diploma, and one to two years of experience. Pay starts at $12.62 per hour.

Technical Support (Call Center) – Responsibilities include responding to telephone, written, or internet questions from customers. This role will assist with problems related to network, software, equipment, and more. He/she will also need to be able to assist customers while navigating between multiple computer screens. Strong communication and customer service skills are required. Also need High School diploma and six months of experience. Average pay is $12.22-$13.25 per hour.

Assistant Store Manager (Retail) – This role will work with the Manager to lead the team in company initiatives, education, sales goals, and helps with and oversees daily store operations. The ideal candidate will have a Bachelor’s Degree or two years of related working experience, one year management/supervisor experience, and one year retail. Salary expectations should be about $38,000 annually, not including benefits and potential commission.

Retail Sales Associate (Retail) – This role is responsible for assisting the customer from start to finish and ensuring a satisfied customer experience. He/she will also need to complete all the courses in the curriculum path. Applicants need a High School diploma or equivalent and six months of retail sales or related experience. Hourly pay averages $11 per hour.

Applications Developer (Corporate) – This role will be responsible for the design, development and testing of mobile applications. The role will need to be able to communicate clearly cross-departmentally and work in accordance with spec requirements. Applicants must have a Bachelor’s Degree in Computer Science or related industry, plus six years of experience as an app developer. The average salary for this position is $91,000 annually.

Network Security Specialist (Corporate) – This role is responsible for wireless intrusion prevention systems, network intrusion prevention, malware prevention, incident response and more. Candidate must have a very strong understanding of wireless networking and security and experience in Information Technology. Requirements include a Bachelor’s Degree and two years of related experience along with a U.S. citizenship. Average salary is just over $99,500 annually.

Sprint Interview Questions

Once you review the Sprint application online, apply or submit a strong resume using the download application form; then use the sample interview questions below to prepare for the next phase of your job search.

What unique strengths will you bring to this role? This is not the time to recite your resume and related experience; however, this is the time to explain a unique work personality trait. For example, instead of telling them about a time you successfully led a team to project completion, tell the interviewer that you have proven leadership abilities and project management skills.

What are your weaknesses? The interviewer is looking for two things: your ability to assess yourself and any red flags. Your goal is to share a true weakness that is not insurmountable and how you work to remedy it. For example, you always want to make everyone happy but you are learning to keep company and customer satisfaction primary and realize their satisfaction is more important than anyone else’s.

How do you feel about working nights and weekends? If you are applying for a retail location or call center, these will be expected work times. You must be able and willing to work them when necessary or on a regular basis. Make sure you have a full understanding of what you are applying for, what your availability is, and be honest about it.

Where do you see yourself in five years? Always include Sprint in your long-term goals. Giving a five year plan that does not include Sprint will certainly make the interviewer doubt your longevity. Also, your goals should be reasonable but reflect a desire to grow. For example, an Assistant Store Manager may make their five year goal to be Store Manager.

What relevant experience do you have? Make sure the experience is relevant. Your six months as a dog walker is likely not relevant to the job you are interviewing for, so don’t mention it. However, if you managed a team of dog walkers successfully, then it would be worth mentioning. Always share times you lead, met or exceeded goals, and received company recognition.

Advice For Application Process

Sprint is a very large company with locations nationwide, so they are always hiring and offer great employment benefits and incentives. First, review all the job opportunities on their website. Use the link below and apply online or use the printable application form and take it to your local store or center. Corporate positions will require a Sprint application and a robust resume submission.

When you have applied or submitted your resume, get ready for your interview. A mock interview is recommended so ask a friend or family member to use the sample questions above and brush up on your interview skills. It is also important to make sure you are well-dressed and well-groomed. Get a haircut if necessary and dress in business attire.

Make sure to arrive early for your interview, at least ten to fifteen minutes. This will give you time to work out any nerves and make sure you are calm and ready. You will want to take a quick moment before you meet the interviewer to turn or silence all electronics as this will show respect and appreciation for the interviewer and their time.

Relax, make eye contact, and smile. Let your personality shine. And when the interview is over, be gracious. You will want to make sure to thank the interviewer for their time and try to find out when they will be making their decision. And get ready to start a new chapter with a career with Sprint.


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