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Tropical Smoothie Cafe

From 1997 to 1999 in Tallahassee, Florida, Tropical Smoothie has raised the bar on what a healthy smoothie and meal can be without killing your wallets.  They provide people with healthy food choices and incorporate fresh ingredients on their made to order meals.  Their smoothies include various tropical fruits and vegetables.  This is why health seekers are encouraged to submit a Tropical Smoothie application.

With the motto of “eat better, feel better,” the food choices available range from toasted flat bread, lean meat sandwiches, grain bowls, salads, fruit and vegetable smoothies, and more.  They are health conscious and since the beginning being on a small shack on a beach to a full franchise restaurant, they have gained popularity and recognition by creating their own holiday, National Flip Flop Day.

Working for this health conscious restaurant is very important to share the same passion for feeling healthy and being healthy by making the proper food choices.  They also give back to the community and have raised over $2 million dollars during their National Flip Flop day.  Tropical Smoothie careers can definitely set the way for a very healthy lifestyle by helping others do the same.

With 300 locations in 34 states, Tropical Smoothie jobs are available to those who wish to start a career in a health conscious industry.  With their great motto and their charitable causes, one is surely able to make a great choice by submitting a Tropical Smoothie job application online.  Their website outlines exactly how to apply for Tropical Smoothie online or in person.

Tropical Smoothie Cafe Careers

Tropical Smoothie jobs give people a good reason to live and eat healthy.  People that share the same passion for being healthy and find new ways to make work fun while effective fit perfectly with this restaurant.  Tropical Smoothie careers develop that need for people to want to feel better and help others achieve that by suggesting healthy meals and smoothies.

Positions available are as crew members, crew leaders, and general managers.  A number of responsibilities are important for each member to do and that is to lead by example and live a healthy lifestyle.  Like each restaurant, the positions are all very competitive and promotions do happen from within.  Each employee enjoys a good life/work balance and greatly enjoys being at work.

The benefits available when you have employment with Tropical Smoothie include medical, dental, and vision insurance, paid time off, discounted food and drinks, and a retirement plan.  These benefits are awarded to select employees depending on their employment status or position.  

How old do you have to be to work at Tropical Smoothie Cafe?

The minimum age to work there is 16 years old.

Franchises are available to those financially ready and pass through several requirements.  Franchises are approved after selecting the location and showing banking information able to back the financial responsibility.  Their stores open on Mondays and Fridays from 10 am to 8 pm, 9 am to 7 pm on Saturdays, and 10 am to 6 pm on Sundays.

Tropical Smoothie Cafe Job Descriptions

Cashier- At $8-$13 an hour, cashiers receive orders and payments while successfully engaging with customers in a friendly manner. They must have full menu knowledge and be able to suggest the right food and smoothie for each customer.

Crew Leader- With an hourly pay of $8.50-$13.50, they delegate job duties and supervise that they are being completed properly as per company policies.

Assistant Manager- They average $10 an hour and work closely with the crew leader.  They open and close the stores assisting each employee as needed.

Manager- Averaging a yearly salary of $32, they make sure the food cost stays low and profits high.  They work closely with the GM and assistant manager to ensure the overall success of the restaurant.

General Manager- As the main leaders of the store making over $39k, they work closely with the ownership to ensure the store remains profitable and the staff has the support it needs to succeed.

Tropical Smoothie Cafe Interview Questions

The Tropical Smoothie jobs online will have a link to an online application or a printable application form that needs to be submitted prior to attending your interview.

What interests you about working here? Like at any other job, they want to know that you share the same values as they do regarding health and foods that are good for you. That is a great answer and a good point to go on for the rest of the interview.

Are you able to make change in your head? Being quick with your math skills will certainly be of much help.  Give them an example of how you can make change quickly by using a simple math equation.               

Can you be on your feet for a long period of time? Many restaurants require their staff to be on their feet throughout the entire length of their shifts and it is recommended that if you are not able to do that, to pick a different position.

Are you able to be a quick problem solver? There will be instances where certain situations will require a quick solution.  Therefore, if you are a quick thinker, share a story of a time you were able to do so.

Are there any days and times you can’t work?  Open availability is not required as they know that some people attend school or have other prior commitments.  Go over with them your school days and hours or the specific days you are available to work.

Advice for Application Process

There are many options on how to apply for jobs at Tropical Smoothie.  Candidates may choose to download application form since there is a printable application for Tropical Smoothie, and take it to their local store of their choice.  Some may choose to use the direct application link and apply online.  There are job descriptions that need to be reviewed prior to sending applications with a resume.

Due to the high turnover these types of jobs have, many locations are constantly hiring.  People interested in a particular store may stop by in person and request a free application.  Once you attend your interview and successfully answer each question using the tips and answers above, you can ask them about other job opportunities should you wish to grow with the company.

An interest in being and leading a healthy lifestyle will definitely be somewhat of a requirement since their motto and purpose of being is to be healthy and eat healthy.  Be sure to ask about benefits, advancement opportunities and requirements for the position you are applying to.  The more you know about the company will greatly increase your chances of getting hired.

Overall, the experience during the interview process will be different from store to store since many of these stores are franchised and don’t necessarily follow a packet of steps required by corporate like other establishments do.  Be prepared to answer any question with outmost honesty and ask as many questions as you need to understand what the position requires of you.

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