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Urban Outfitters

Urban Outfitters is a specialty clothing corporation.  Through 238 locations in the United States, Canada, and Europe as well as online, the company sells apparel, home décor, and other trinkets. The company is now hiring for a variety of sales, creative, and management positions, so complete your Urban Outfitters application now. Below we explain how to apply for Urban Outfitters online.

In 1970 Richard Hayne started the company with help from his friend Scott Belair under the name Free People. They wanted to create a new kind of retail experience for youth. Today Urban Outfitters creates a cultural space aimed at inspiring customers and creating community, appealing to the late-teens and early-twenties “hipster” demographic

Young people enjoy Urban Outfitters jobs because the work environment is fun and relaxed, and the jobs provide ample opportunities for creativity and personal style applications, while working with other like-minded employees and customers. The employee discount is also one of the most attractive benefits and some people apply for jobs at Urban Outfitters just to access it.

The secret to the company’s success is the mix of compelling brands that appeal to different sub-segments of the “youth hipster” market. Stores also provide a unique shopping experience, often integrating music or live performance and a visually stimulating and fun physical space. This creates an emotional link to the customer.

Urban Outfitters Careers

Urban Outfitters careers follow different tracks. Sales is the largest area, and includes sales associates, department managers, store managers and assistant store managers. These are the people in charge of taking care of customers and ensuring that sales goals are reached. You may also find temporary job opportunities during peak holiday times.

If you have a creative side or enjoy building things, you may want to apply to jobs designing store displays. These include display team leaders, display artists, and store merchandising managers. These people need to identify the hottest local trends in music, fashion, and design and know how to implement them for the company’s brand.

How old do you have to be to work at Urban Outfitters?

Applicants must be 18 years or older to apply for any position. In addition to this, you may need to submit to a background check or drug test. Creative positions usually require a degree or experience in fine arts.

The sales associate’s salary is about $9 per hour. Store and department managers can earn between $40,000 and $50,000 per year. Urban Outfitters workers receive useful benefits, including employee discounts for in-store and online merchandise, health coverage, and a 401(k). Salaried employees also receive paid time off and access to the bonus incentive program. Store hours are usually 10 AM to 9 PM Monday to Friday and shorter on Sundays.

Urban Outfitters Job Descriptions

Sales Associates in the stores help customers find what they are looking for, match outfits, and process shipments. They also hang and fold clothing and other items for display, and keep an eye out to prevent theft. The company is looking for energetic and creative candidates that can relate to customers as peers.

Display Artists are in charge of creating creative and attractive environments to display merchandise in the stores. They should have a degree or hands-on experience in fine arts, have a fresh eye for detail, and know how to use power tools. Budget management skills and attention to safety are also required.

Store Merchandising Managers are the creative force behind retail outlets. They should have several years of merchandising or management experience and background in areas like fashion, design, or fine arts. As leaders they need to develop and inspire the in-store team to realize their vision of a total sensory experience for customers.

Shop Supervisors are in charge of the specialty departments of stores like shoes, books, music, jewelry, and lingerie. Responsibilities include floor supervision, generating feedback about merchandise, managing sales associates in their department, and setting sales goals with management. They need retail experience and a passion for the merchandise they are supervising.

Urban Outfitters Interview Questions

To help you fill out your Urban Outfitters application, here are some common questions for any job description. Check for specific Urban Outfitters jobs online.

Where do you find your fashion inspiration? Urban Outfitters looks for staff with a sense of style that matches their aesthetic, so this question aims to check if your fashion references mix well with the brand. It is best to answer this question enthusiastically but honestly to ensure a good fit with the job.

Why Urban Outfitters? This question helps interviewers judge your fit with the company. This includes not just your personal style, but your values and preferred work style. The company is looking for energy, enthusiasm, and creativity in all team members, so make sure your appreciation for those qualities shines through.

How did you deal with loss prevention in the past? Stealing is a big issue for any retail business. Your interviewer wants to know that you are capable of dealing with a difficult situation with maturity and firmness. If you have not dealt with such a situation before, answer the best that you can based on common sense or second-hand knowledge.

What helps you connect with people and how? The company expects all staff—whether customer-facing sales associates or creative designers in the background—to create a sense of connection with the target demographic. Whether you use smiles, body language, music, or something else, explain how you relate to people on a genuine level in your own life and past work.

Advice For Application Process

To apply for Urban Outfitters jobs, complete a direct application online instead of a printable application form. First complete a profile, candidate survey, and brief video interview. If successful, you then complete a group or one-on-one interview, and in some cases, final interviews. To download application form go to the link below. The printable application for Urban Outfitters is only available if you make a direct application on the website.

A career at Urban Outfitters requires energy, creativity, and passion for the brand, so make sure those qualities shine through in your resume, application form and interview. Talk about your experience not just working but with the fashion industry and design in general, and be honest about your tastes, favorite bands, and clothing styles. Employment at the company depends on it.

Past candidates have said that the video interview can be awkward, but make the most of it. Dress in typical brand style, take advantage of the practice sessions and otherwise just be yourself. In group interviews, it helps to be assertive and answer questions before the others to show your enthusiasm.

If you apply online for a management position, it can take a while to get an interview after the free application. Think about how you would answer questions in advance using concrete examples from your experience. For example, how you have motivated underperforming staff, or how you have dealt with upset customers in the past. Fill out an online application now!

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