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World Gym is an international fitness company specializing in bodybuilding. It has over 200 franchises in 19 countries. Its headquarters is located in Los Angeles, California.

It was founded by Joe Gold in 1976. He was one of the original ringleaders of Muscle Beach in Venice, California. Since that time, the brand became famous as a fitness center.

World Gym continues to expand its business by opening new gyms across various locations in the United States and Europe. Today, it is one of the most celebrated fitness brands in the world.

The company offers an equal employment opportunity and diverse work environment. It also provides an attractive compensation and benefits package which includes medical and life insurance, 401k retirement plan, paid off time, savings and investment plan and trainings.

People love working here because World Gym continues to uphold its commitment of providing a high-quality service, premium training experience and hiring the best fitness instructors and consultants.

How old do you have to be to work at World Gym?

It requires its applicants to be at least 18 years of age to be considered eligible for any available position including fitness, training and corporate jobs.

World Gym Careers

Group Exercise Instructors – They facilitate group trainings and ensures that all participants are following the routine and the training program. They are expected to possess good communication skills and maintain enthusiasm to motivate them to achieve their goals.

Personal Trainers – Their key role is to work with individual client in specified timeslots and create a comprehensive and tailor-fit fitness program for each of them.

Locker Room Attendants – They are in charge of overseeing the locker room and maintain the safety and security of all the belongings and equipment deposited.

Front Desk Associates – They are responsible for attending to general inquiries and concerns about the company. They also schedule appointments and meetings with consultants, and trainers. They are expected to be detail-oriented and possess good communications skills.

Other jobs in this company are: Yoga Instructor, Pilates Instructor, Sales Associate, Sales Manager, Franchise Specialist, Customer Service Representative, Call Center Agents, Marketing Specialist and Brand Manager.

World Gym Application

World Gym prefers that its applicant apply through its online job portal where they can access the list of available positions as well as the jobs responsibilities and requirements.

It is recommended for applicants to use the website as it is faster and more convenient. Supporting documents such as resumes, curriculum vitae, recommendation letters and other relevant papers can also be uploaded, preferably in PDF format.

In filling up the application form, applicants are encouraged to check the details several times before submitting. To avoid confusion with the contact information throughout the hiring process, they are also advised to use only one email address.

In writing a high-quality resume, the general layout and content of the document matters a lot. Among the most effective resume tips are: limiting to two pages at most, using reverse chronological order and limiting sentences to 10 words at most.

For an efficient interview preparation, applicants are encouraged to rehearse talking about their career stages and educational background smoothly and practice answering questions regarding past professional experiences and what the job applied for entails.

Things To Know About World Gym

The culture at World Gym is centered on passion for bodybuilding. Over the years, it has maintained a workforce composed of highly motivated and dedicated individuals who embody the brand within them.

The company has managed to continuously expand its operations as it opens 13 new gym locations worldwide: 2 locations in Australia, 2 locations Egypt, 8 locations in Taiwan and 1 location in the United States.

World Gym is known for being a no-nonsense fitness center where serious bodybuilders workout. It has been popular for being the gym where celebrities like Arnold Schwarzenegger, Lou Ferrigno, and Dave Draper go to.

It is engaged in various social responsibility programs in collaboration with other organizations helping vulnerable communities, granting scholarships and conducting free fitness trainings for underprivileged individuals.

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