Barnes And Noble Application

Barnes and Nobles Application

Barnes and Nobles

The company’s chairman, Leonard Riggio began his bookselling career while attending NYU in the early 60’s. Working as a clerk at the bookstore, he became convinced that he could do a better job serving students. He opened a competing bookstore of his own. With a small investment, Mr. Riggio quickly established the SBX (Student Book Exchange). By the 70’s, this thriving business grew to include six other bookstores.

Mr. Riggio acquired the flagship Barnes & Noble trade name and flagship bookstore in Manhattan which had fallen into a decline. Within a few short years, Mr. Riggio had transformed the store into “The World’s Largest Bookstore,” with 150,000 textbooks and trade titles. Throughout the 70’s, the company continued to break ground.

This store is a fortune 500 company and the nation’s largest retail bookseller and a leading retailer of content, digital media and educational products. The company operates 648 stores in 50 states as of May 2, 2015. The Barnes and Nobles Nook offers a lineup of popular Nook tablets and eReaders and an expansive collection of digital reading and entertainment content through the Nook store.

An applicant can now visit the link at the bottom of this article to view open positions in the career section and search open jobs. If you are a bookworm, this is the perfect career for you. Additionally, an applicant can apply online using the online Barnes and Nobles application or downloading a printable application for Barnes and Nobles.

Barnes and Nobles Careers

Barnes and Nobles jobs are thrilling. This is a company driven by the principle that bookselling is important work. A career at one of the company’s locations requires helping customers enter a new world through literature. If an applicant is interested in job opportunities, they can submit a free application form obtained from the jobs site. An applicant can also submit by filling out a Barnes and Nobles application online.

Want to know how to apply for Barnes and Nobles online? It’s not hard to fill out a Barnes and Nobles job application online. First, submit a direct application to the store. The candidate is advised to read each job description. Once an applicant submits their application, the recruiter will contact them if he or she sees a potential fit. There are also benefits from a career in this organization.

How old do you have to be to work at Barnes and Nobles?

Ready to apply for Barnes and Nobles jobs? For Barnes and Nobles careers, an applicant must be 16 years of age. If an applicant is 16 or 17, they may also need working papers. This can be checked out with the department of labor for details about the minimum age requirement to obtain working papers.

To pursue Barnes and Nobles careers, the company desires goal-oriented people. The store seeks out intellectual, intriguing, bookworms and like-minded individuals who can work together and create a great atmosphere. This is a place where a great bookstore is also the reflection of the community. This store annually hosts 100,000 community events nationwide.

By pursuing a career within this industry, an individual is on their way to a unique future. Working with this organization provides many opportunities for learning and allows individuals to work their way up to get promoted. This store feels that working here is like an education in and of itself. This company also offers a competitive salary.

To get started and be considered for employment, the applicant should complete an application form or printable applications for the company. It is important to complete this online application, especially around times of high work flow. The applicant can also find an application by visiting their local store during business hours. Applicants can check the site for their local retail hours of operation. The store is constantly accepting new applications so an applicant can complete the printable application form.

Barnes and Nobles Job Descriptions

Digital Sales Lead Job Description- As a digital sales lead, the company looks for dynamic and driven individuals to promote the organizations digital products and services, including eBooks and the Nook readers and tablets. This person should provide technical advice and assistance and demonstrate the product features to customers. Typical compensation: $8.00/hr.

Head Cashier- Working as a cashier is exciting. And at this store, cashiers work quickly. Head cashiers ensure that the lines move rapidly and never get long. They open and close cash registers each day and they authorize returns and exchanges and audit receipts. Typical compensation: $9.00/hr.

Lead- This individual is an expert in their assigned section. They are an important key resource to booksellers and customers alike. Leads monitor in-store inventories and manage work assignments. Leads should be organized, knowledgeable and prepared and have a strong work ethic. The typical compensation for a lead at the store is: $8.00/hr.

Book seller, café server, music seller- The responsibilities of this individual includes being the face and representative of the book store. This individual should create a friendly, casual, dynamic and engaging experience for customers. This person should know their department, and keep their department organized and well stocked. Typical compensation: $8.00/hr.

Barnes and Nobles Interview Questions

Are you ready to apply for jobs at Barnes and Nobles? Once the applicant has applied for Barnes and Nobles jobs online, they can look at some potential questions that applicants typically get asked during the interview process. By downloading an application form, the first step has been completed. Now it’s about preparing the best possible version of yourself for the interview.

What is your availability? Be honest when answering this question. If you are unable to work weekends or there are specific holiday’s that you are unable to work, make sure that you let the manager know upfront, that way, if you are to be hired, they can make sure that they can work that into the schedule.

What motivates you? We are all motivated by different things. However, when answering this question, do not say money. Perhaps you are motivated by incentives, doing well, growing within the organization or a promotion. Perhaps you are motivated by travel opportunities or becoming a leader. Perhaps for you, it is just being the best possible representative of the organization.

How would you deal with an angry or irate customer? We all have them and we have all been there. Regardless of the profession, there will be times when someone is approached by an angry customer. It’s a matter of not letting that affect your work or generate a reaction. Be honest, and walk the recruiter through the steps you would take to satisfy the customer.

Can you discuss your educational background? Here, the recruiter is looking to understand how the applicant’s education aligns with the company’s goals and mission. Perhaps the applicant studied retail marketing or took an independent course in consumer relations, customer service or public speaking. All three items would be very important things to mention during the interview.

What would you look to accomplish in the first 30, 60, or 90 days on the job? The hiring manager is looking to see how the applicant plans to contribute to the team and to the company if hired. This might include things like increase sales by X% or finish all of the training in the first month.

Advice for the application process

These days, nearly all mid-to large sized employers use online job applications. This is a much quicker and more efficient method of screening out applicants. They let the computer do the work, that way they can focus on truly qualified candidates. The machines do this by searching for specific key words. The following paragraphs provide some advice as you go through the daunting process.

Do not complete the entire application in one sitting. Take your time and return when rested to continue. This strategy will help to avoid mistakes due to fatigue or confusion when answering the long list of questions. Try and take screenshots of the application and resume along the way. A saved copy can be used later to increase your ease with additional online applications.

Create a master word document with the answers to the frequently asked questions, your responses and your word count. Figure out a way to incorporate all the key words and key phrases found in the job description and post them in the appropriate fields. HR pre-screening software searches for “like-minded” buzz words. The applicant (s) who have the most similar word-match as determined by the software has a competitive advantage for landing an interview.

Also, the applicant should set up and save their resume in multiple formats: “formal presentation resume” or “lastname_firstname_resume.” This should be saved in a .word, .doc.,.docx, or .pdf format among the most common formats. This ensures that regardless of what format the application requests, the applicant can upload their resume in a compatible format.

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