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Half Price Books is a family-owned bookstore that buys and sells new and used books, magazines, music, and movies. The company has now over 120 branches in 17 states.

Its first store was opened in Dallas, Texas in 1972. Ken Gjemre and Pat Anderson used a former Laundromat to start the business with around 2000 books.

The company is now the largest book store chain who is into retailing new and old books. It has received recognitions on being one of the best bookstores for years. A café and community room is also available.

Aside from the competitive pay, the company offers its employees with benefits such as employee discounts, retirement plans, healthcare assistance, insurance, paid time off, and an employee assistance program.

The company provides a fun working environment to its employees through regular open mic nights and workshops. They are also given discounts when they purchase the company’s merchandise.

How old do you have to be to work at Half Price Books?

Job applicants are expected to be 18 years old or above to be able to work in Half Price Books.

Half Price Books Careers

Bookseller: This person is in charge of arranging the merchandise and assisting the customers. The bookseller should know how to deal with customers.

Cashier: This person’s main job is cashiering and dealing with customers. But the cashier can also help in buying and arranging the merchandise.

Warehouse Help: This person is responsible for processing the merchandise. The warehouse help is expected to work in a fast-paced environment.

Assistant Manager: This person assists the general manager in the daily operations of the bookstore. The assistant manager helps in achieving the goals of the company.

The company also offers other entry-level and professional job positions such as bookstore clerk, production designer, general manager, and business analyst.

Half Price Books Application

After clicking the apply button, an application form will appear for the applicant to fill up. All the fields with an asterisk should be answered. There are some questions in the form that will assess the applicant’s skills.

Online application is used for the company to accurately and efficiently track the applicants and what specific branch they want to apply in. But personal applications are allowed.

The company doesn’t stress much on the experiences of the applicant. It can provide the proper training for that. What it needs are employees who are hardworking and dynamic. The applicant should show these traits to make a good impression.

The applicant must organize the resume well. Keep it precise and error-free. Listing down the job responsibilities is not enough to show that the applicant is diligent. Accomplishments should also be added.

During the interview, the applicant should show that he/she is passionate enough to work in the company. Employees in these kinds of establishments need to appreciate what they are doing or they’ll quit in a matter of days.

Things To Know About Half Price Books

One of the missions of the company is to be kind to the environment. A book drive is held annually to collect new or used books. These books will be added to the “Half Pint Libraries” in hospitals and clinics.

Recycling and reusing is one of the advocacies that the company always promote. It started the B(eco)me Green program in 2008 to raise awareness about the environment.

Millions of books are also donated by the company to non-profit organizations around the world. It has partnered with organizations like Feed the Children and American Red Cross.

The company also provide a 10% discount to teachers and librarians every time they purchase any merchandise for the whole year.

Application Links

Company: https://www.hpb.com/

Careers: http://b.hpb.com/jobs-new/

Application: http://b.hpb.com/jobs-new/

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