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Cabela’s Incorporated is a specialty retailer and direct marketer of fishing, hunting, shooting, camping, boating, and other related merchandise of outdoor recreation with headquarters at Sidney, Nebraska.

Richard Cabela founded the company in 1961. In 2004, it became public and the company’s performance was strong in the sector of outdoor recreation by December 2013.

The popular retail chain maintains a marketing program in mail-order cataloging. This catalog is shipped to about 125 countries by the sports company to markets in 6 different continents.

Cabela’s retains and draws employees with work benefits such as retirement plans, dental and medical insurance plans, employee discounts, and paid vacations, in addition to salary options and base wages that are above standard.

Cabela’s is a small chain compared to other stores of sporting goods but they still maintain and draw countless patrons and devout customers even from faraway locations.

How old do you have to be to work at Cabela’s?

Employees must at least stand to be 18 years old, meet the experience requirements of the department, and hold diplomas in high school. Experience falls between 0-2 years for entry-level positions while several years for those jobs that are specialized.

Cabela’s Careers

Deli Outfitter: The deli outfitter’s job functions include responsibly assuring the correct preparation and weighing of the food production, and that product quality is in line with the company and industry’s standards.

Retail Sales Coach: The retail sales coach must have strong leadership to help build customer loyalty and sales. He or she assists the customers during periods of peak sales and provides positivity on sales outfitters.

Retail Cashier: Retail cashiering is traditionally part-time. The retail cashier greets, interacts, and engages with the customers. He or she is also responsible in recommending services and products, ringing up the purchases, and restocking items.

Outfitter/Retail Specialist: An outfitter or retail specialist’s expertise areas encompass fishing, hunting, camping, hiking, rock climbing, canoeing, travelling, general leisure, and kayaking. He or she must also be extroverted and engaging.

Other job opportunities include specialist in asset protection, retail associate, associate in bargain cave, associate in boat service, club associate, category specialist, and supervisor in customer care.

Cabela’s Application

Interested applicants must know the necessary background information and have proper experience corresponding the lines of sales before filling out the application forms distributed by the company.

A platform for online job application is provided by the company’s official website to allow workers to log in and fill out employment forms and to save their progress.

When creating the application form, you must do your homework which is to research information about the company to be able to impress your employers.

Your resume, on one hand, must be limited and not contain every experience you had at work. It is not a list about the career history you have but a document that would sell you to employment.

During the interview, content is integral. Be sure to outline your interview answers to have substantial, interesting, and engaging content so as to establish the employer’s attention.

Things To Know About Cabela’s

There are numerously located and elaborate departments of Cabela’s that are dedicated to dozens of areas on outdoor gaming, athletics, and enthusiasm, and their product lines are extensive.

Cabela’s Incorporated unveiled Cabela’s Outpost Stores, a retail initiative, in 2012. This will introduce Cabela’s unique retail experience, according to the Union Gap’s press release.

The company has a distinct look for its operations in such a way that they turn to tourist attractions. Stores appear to bring an outdoor ambiance to the interior with their showrooms looking like caverns.

Cabela’s has a manager in social media, Adam Buchanan, where his team focuses on being proactive in terms of messaging and strategy in social media.

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