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Bobbi Brown Cosmetics is all about bringing out one’s “fresh, clean and modern beauty. Created by Bobbi Brown in 1991, her company currently has a makeup line composed of lipsticks and foundation sticks, fragrance, and eyewear line.

The company started in 1990 when Bobbi and a chemist formulated 10 lipstick shades. She launched them a year after and was surprised that the lipsticks were a hit. She sold 100 lipsticks – more than what she expected.

In 1995, Estee Lauder acquired the cosmetic company with Bobbi Brown still having complete creative control. Currently, they are selling their products in more than 60 countries. Retailers worldwide also distribute them.

Employees’ benefits include healthcare packages, paid time off, 401(k) retirement plans and life insurance coverage. Other benefits include regular training plus advancement opportunities for qualified associates.

Employees love working here because of the mix of the fun atmosphere with the professional environment. You will also be exposed to various kinds of women with one goal – to be radiant and beautiful inside out.

How old do you have to be to work at Bobbi Brown?

There are various positions available at this company, but you have to be at least 18 years old to be eligible and be allowed to apply.

Bobbi Brown Careers

Make-up Artist – As a make-up artist, you will be involved in creating designer looks for clients using the company product line. The job entails applying makeup, makeup recommendations, product demonstrations and selling merchandise.

Beauty Advisor – also called sales associates, they help clients choose the most suitable products. They also help maintain stores by arranging products on display, organizing products and coming up with effective merchandising promotions.

Studio Manager – Aside from showing the flair for helping clients reveal their hidden beauty through makeup, a studio manager should also know how to manage people. He needs to use his leadership skills to guide his team in achieving sales targets.

Manager – His responsibilities include taking over sales, retail, shipping and receiving, and other administrative operations at different store locations. Managers include supervisors and upper-level managers.

Aside from the aforementioned career positions, aspiring employees of the company can also choose to work part-time and go for tasks related to sales and management.

Bobbi Brown Application

Want to be a part of Bobbi Brown Companies? You can just visit their site and fill out the questionnaire. Wait for their hiring personnel to notify you. You can also visit them personally on their offices.

Applications can be done online, but hiring staff behind the company prefer applicants to apply in person. This is so they can see the applicants personally. Applicants benefit by seeing how the post they aspire for is actually done.

Aspiring employees should spend time learning the different product lines and understand what the company offers. They also need to be familiar about current makeup trends and know how to apply their knowledge to other people.

Applications for the makeup artist or beauty advisor post should brush up on the usual cosmetic application techniques. Be prepared to conduct mock sales and application demonstrations. Applicants may also need to show their licenses.

If you’ve gone through the hiring process, then expect one to two weeks to process your application. Those who have gone through employee referrals can get their applications processed sooner.

Things to Know About Bobbi Brown

It’s important for Bobbi Brown to promote comfort and individuality within her company and hire the right people whom she can communicate well. She also emphasizes that her people should “understand who they’re working for”.

Bobbi Brown and her company achieved a lot. She published seven books and launched campaigns such as her “The Pretty Powerful Campaign” in 2013. She also received the “Glamour Woman of the Year” award.

Prior to Estee Lauder Companies buying Bobbi’s brand, she already declined two big offers. She accepted Estee Lauder’s offer, though, because she still had full rein of the company and still got to make major decisions.

The company definitely knows how to give back. Aside from leading philanthropic efforts, the company is also involved in other charity functions. This increases the reach and impact of the company.

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