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Bright Horizons provides child care and development for working parents by collaborating with their employers. Since its founding year, it grew steadily and attracted the attention of large companies that intend to retain female employees and single parents.

Linda Mason and Roger Brown founded the company in the 1980s in Cambridge, Massachusetts. Since then, the company grew into a multinational corporation, catering not only the local big companies but also international corporations.

As of today, Bright Horizons has more than 700 centers in the world, hiring more than 500 employees. Just 6 years after its founding, it has more 70 centers in U.S. alone. It received a record in National Association for the Education of Young Children (NAEYC) as the Best Accredited Company in Early Childhood Care and Development.

Company employees enjoy a complete benefits package. They get insurance, retirement plan, and paid leaves. Aside from these mandatory benefits, employees also enjoy the same child care privileges that the company offers.

People work for Bright Horizons because of the excellent working environment. Furthermore, it provides many benefits to its employees. The company ensures that there is an easy camaraderie between teachers, students and non-educational workers.

How old do you have to be to work at Bright Horizons?

You should be at least 18 years old and a high school graduate. Some centers might set an age limit for the applicants. For part-timers, the minimum age is 16 years old.

Bright Horizons Careers

Assistant Teachers: The teachers work with child care professionals and ensure that the children enrolled in the centers get the necessary education. They must possess an associate’s degree in child care and education or an equivalent.

Preschool Teachers: Their role is to provide childhood development in the preschool years. They create important curricula and work together with co-teachers and other education professionals.

Customer care representatives: They deal with customers’ queries and relay complaints to the director or principal. This position is non-educational.

Directors/Principals: They manage a center. They see to it that the teachers are abiding by the center policies.

Other entry levels may include non-educational positions such as maintenance, backup assistant, and office assistant.

Bright Horizons Application

To apply for a position, simply visit the company’s website. Click on the job or career tab. An application form appears for you to accomplish.

The company also accepts offline applications. Visit any center near your area. If in case you know an employee who works in any of the centers, you may ask for a referral.

Your application form is an essential part of the application process. It is the first thing that the interviewer scans before reading your resume. Place in the form all your skills and work experiences related to the job.

The recommended length of a resume is two pages. Include only important teaching skills. Include online or offline tutorial experience in your resume. If you are applying for a non-education position, still include teaching experiences, if any.

Hearing from the company will not take long. You may hear from them at least two weeks after applying. In case you haven’t heard from them, you may call them for a follow-up.

Facts about Bright Horizons

For over three decades, the company provides child care to parents who need to earn a living. This company never fails to give excellent service despite the many difficulties and controversies that they experienced. They continue to improve.

Just recently, Bright Horizons received recognition as the Best Workplaces for Women.  The company hosts webinars to achieve its goals on childhood early education.

The company is known for its advocacy of early education. From pre-school education, it has expanded to primary and mid-school education. It helps women and single parents to provide for their children while pursuing a career.

Aside from helping employees, the company extends its helping hand to homeless children, providing them a shelter and food. It also has raised thousands of dollars to charity organizations.

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