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KLA Schools is an American franchise network, which offers tutorial services for children. It is under the management of its President and CEO Roberto Ortega.

The company was established in 2009 and started offering franchise in 2010. Since then, its network of schools has continuously grown and became one of the most distinguished tutorial company in America.

In a relatively short span of time, KLA Schools has already achieved growth rates as high as 66% in its first three years. It is also ranked as 109th in KLA’s Miami Metro Area.

Its employees enjoy a competitive compensation and benefits package, which includes 401k retirement plan, profit sharing, medical and dental insurance, paid time off and paid trainings.

People love working here because the company genuinely pursues its advocacy of providing high-quality education to children using elaborate and sophisticated educational techniques.

How old do you have to be to work at KLA Schools?

All applicants in this company are required to be at least 21 years old including teaching, clerical, franchise and managerial jobs. Higher age requirement is needed for specific positions.

KLA Schools Careers

Infant Teachers – They are in charge of preparing the syllabus and lesson plan for infant pupils, which should be based on thorough research and consultation with the school board. They are also expected to develop good relationship with pupils’ parents.

Toddler Teachers – The primary qualification for this position is a degree in child education. They are also tasked to develop a specific lesson plan according to the needs of each individual pupil.

School Age Teachers – Their main role is to facilitate learning exercises appropriate for each child’s need. They are expected to work closely with parents as they will become partners in executing educational methods.

Franchise Specialists – They are in charge of processing paper works for new franchises. They are expected to be detail-oriented and proficient in office computer software.

Other available jobs that are common in this company are client relationship representative, front desk representative, registrar, admission office assistant, building maintenance technician, and utility workers.

KLA Schools Application

In this company, the recruitment process is facilitated independently by franchises. However, for corporate positions, jobseekers may apply at the head office personally or online.

Applicants can check the company website to view the list of all franchises. They can also access the list of educational programs and teaching jobs that they can apply for.

In filling out the application form, all required information should be provided especially educational background and relevant work experiences. They should also provide complete contact details including mobile phone and email address.

In writing the resume, applicants should ensure that all information are updated and accurate. Make sure to check it thoroughly for errors and proofread for grammar and spelling corrections.

To prepare for the interview, applicants should eat a balanced meal and ensure enough hours of sleep to maintain alertness and presence of mind during the interview. They should also arrive at least 5 minutes before schedule.

Things to Know About KLA Schools

The company has a company culture of excellence. It gives utmost value to individuality, collaboration, intentionality, relationships and process. It creates a positive work environment, which is conducive to learning.

It has recently announced that it is one of the Exchange Top 50 – North America’s Largest for Profit Child Care Organizations. Its Early Childhood Education Program ranked 2nd in Inc. 5000.

It is best known for its highly comprehensive and tailor-fit programs. It is only one of the few tutorial franchise networks that offer such high-quality and in-depth early childhood educational program.

KLA Schools channels its corporate social responsibility by making sure that all its franchise adhere to its policies of offering premium teaching service to all the pupils. It also employs sustainable business practices.

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