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Kiddie Academy is a child care system franchise. It offers various educational programs to children as young as six months old. It also hosts summer camps and music classes.

The academy was founded by Pauline and George Miller in 1981. Its first location was in Baltimore County, Maryland with a simple curriculum plan. It is currently headquartered in Abingdon, Maryland.

The education firm now has over 170 locations, with a presence in more than 20 states spread across the country. It now caters to about 13,400 children of all ages.

Employee benefits include competitive salary packages and flexible work hours. The company also offers retirement plans, paid vacation days, and provided meals. Medical insurance is also offered.

Employees love working for the academy because of its fun, learning environment. Employees receive regular trainings for career development. Personal growth is also highly valued.

How old do you have to be to work at Kiddie Academy?

Interested applicants must be 18 years old or older. Other minimum requirements include at least a high school diploma. However, qualifications vary depending on the position.

Kiddie Academy Careers

Teachers: They prepare lesson plans and activities for children. They make sure to create a fun and exciting learning environment. They encourage children to be more creative and attentive during lessons.

Customer Service Representatives: They make sure all client concerns are properly addressed. They are responsible for maintaining the academy’s image through quality customer service. They must display knowledge of all available programs.

Child Care Providers: They ensure that all children are entertained while under their care. They prepare educational activities for children of different ages. They also make it a point to address the needs of all children.

Administrative Assistance: They perform clerical office work to ensure smooth flow in the location’s daily transactions. They assist the managers with scheduling and in preparing necessary documents.

Other common positions at the company are Food and Beverage Associates and Kitchen Staff. The academy also offers managerial positions like Kitchen Managers, Assistant Daycare Managers, and General Daycare Managers. Corporate positions are available as well.

Kiddie Academy Application

The academy requires applicants to contact the nearest location to show interest in any position. Interested applicants are required to submit an updated resume accompanied by a cover letter.

The academy accepts both online and walk-in applications. Walk-in applications are suggested if there is a nearby branch in the area. Online applications are done through sending an email.

Application forms must contain the applicant’s full name, complete address, and most recent contact details. It may also contain important work details pertaining to the applicant’s eligibility.

The resume shall detail the applicant’s qualifications to work in an educational institution. It must contain his scholastic records and previous training or work history. It should also list any awards received.

The interviewee must show his interest and passion in teaching and offering child care services. It is advised to read about the academy’s vision, mission, and history to prepare.

Facts About Kiddie Academy

The academy culture revolves around trust and dedication. It provides employees with adequate training in order to keep them passionate about child care and education.

Kiddie Academy has been providing quality education and child care services for over 30 years, yet it continues to expand. Recently, it has opened new branches in Texas and Illinois.

The academy is best known for offering developmentally-appropriate curriculums for children of different ages. It also takes pride in its commitment to prioritize every child’s safety within their premises.

The academy is a known advocate of promoting education. It believes in teaching children about values and giving while they’re still young. It takes pride in its Life Essentials philosophy which focuses on four major aspects in child development.

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