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Carmike is one of the most successful cinema chains in the US today. Not only has it offered great movie experience to viewers of all ages, but it has also provided plenty of opportunities for jobseekers.

Carmike was founded in 1982 by Carl Patrick Sr. when he acquired Martin Theatres, renaming the chain to “Carmike” after his two sons Carl Jr. and Michael.

The company currently has more than 250 locations in thirty states, with a total of eight thousand employees running each of their movie theatre branches.

Aside from the flexible schedule and the good pay, employees also receive discounts on company products, and are also provided with health benefits and paid vacation and sick leaves. Optional benefits include stock purchase plans and a retirement plan.

People naturally gravitate to working for this company because of its welcoming atmosphere and the fact that the company make it easy for people to build a career with them.

How old do you have to be to work at Carmike?

In order to be qualified for a job in Carmike, an applicant must be at least sixteen years of age upon application. If you are going to apply for a managerial position, on the other hand, you must have a high school diploma.

Carmike Careers

Carmike offers two types of jobs: floor staff and management. These two have very different requirements, and very different types of expertise are required for each of these jobs.

Floor staff: The floor staff is not one job title, but is in fact a term used to refer to jobs that require people to perform customer service tasks ranging from taking tickets to ushering people in theatres.

The floor staff is also not limited to working in the cinema, as some may be required to work in club theatres as kitchen servers or bar tenders. Regardless of what position you get in this team, you should be good with customer relations, and you will most likely start earning $9.00 per hour.

Management: Jobs related to management are focused on attaining sales and customer service goals. Supervisors and managers are required to train employees and handle any complaint.

Managers usually work on varying shifts, and they would typically earn salaries ranging from $25,000 to $37,000 annually. They may also need to work graveyard shifts or on weekends if needed.

Carmike Application

Carmike offers numerous options for people who wish to be a part of their team. The company allows applicants to apply for a job either online or by going to one of their branches in person.

You can go to a Carmike branch to apply for a job, or you can also opt to submit your resume online. When it comes to the online applications, questions remain simple and direct.

When it comes to filling in the application data, being honest and direct is the way to go. They will only take your basic information, and will also ask for your availability, experience, and references. The website will seek your authorization before submitting your application.

If you are going to submit a resume in person, make sure that the one you submit is up to date and provides detailed information of your education and work experience.

You will hear back from hiring managers within less than two weeks, although the time frame may be shorter if a branch needs more people. If they fail to call back within the time frame, you can place a follow up call to check on your application status.

Things To Know About Carmike

People who have worked at Carmike cite the opportunity to talk to different people of different backgrounds as one of the main aspects of the culture there that makes it a great working environment.

Carmike has merged with AMC, one of the biggest cinema companies in world. This greatly benefits the company’s aim of expanding and reaching more cities and states.

Carmike prides itself in being one of the leading companies that offer great movie going experience to its customers. It is known as a great place both for work and play, for customers and employees alike.

The company usually finds ways to celebrate different occasions. For instance, Veteran’s Day usually means that veterans are provided ticket price discounts.

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