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Carquest is a leading automotive company, considered one of the finest not just in the US when it comes to customer service and quality of work.

This company was formed thanks to the merging of three automotive companies: Bobro Products, General Parts, and Parts Warehouse, owned by Dan Bock, O. Temple Sloan, and Joe Hughes, respectively.

Today, it has an estimated 74,000 employees working in more than a hundred branches across almost all US states, as well as the Virgin Islands, Puerto Rico, and Canada.

People are given fair pay as well as enough advancement opportunities for them to grow and build a career out of their jobs.

Each employee is provided with insurance and a 401(k) retirement plan, as well as paid leaves and employee discounts.

How old do you have to be to work at Carquest?

People who want to work for Carquest need to be at least eighteen years old upon application. Knowledge about car maintenance is also an unwritten prerequisite for a lot of available jobs.

Carquest Careers

Carquest is looking for someone who is energetic and sincere about their dedication to their work.

Customer Service Representative: People who work in the customer service sector of Carquest are the ones responsible for meeting the needs of the clients and coordinating with them. Therefore, they are the ones that usually answer phones and make reports. Salary can range from eight to ten dollars per hour.

Management: For every single Carquest branch there is always a store manager who takes care of their daily operations. Managers are responsible for the profit and loss in their respective branch. Managers typically earn $30,000 to $120,000 every year depending on experience and performance.

Auto Parts Handler: These people handle the verification and labelling of incoming parts, and are required to do it in the quickest and most efficient way possible. Salary can range from $10 to $15 per hour.

Machinist: Engine block boring, seat fixing, and valve grinding are just some of the jobs that machinists do. Aside from doing this manual labor, machinists may also need to discuss costs with customers, so background experience is a necessity. These workers earn an annual salary of $30,000 every year.

Carquest Application

If you wish to apply for a job in Carquest, you need to submit an online application. You can do this by going to the company website.

The website requires applicants to create a profile and then complete an application form. Applicants are given forty five minutes per page to do this.

In order to successfully submit an application, make sure that you already know what to put in your application form, including your work experience and your references.

When completing your resume, make sure that everything you put properly presents your credentials as they are on the day you are applying. Just the slightest mistake in the information you put may result in the company not considering you.

The hiring manager will reach out to you within one or two weeks. You may contact them for updates if they do not respond to you within that timeframe. When you are interviewed, dress yourself professionally and ensure that you highlight your abilities.

Facts about Carquest

The culture of the company focuses on integrity appreciation for employees. Workers are treated fairly and are regarded as company assets and not just mere workers.

The company continues to grow today, forging partnerships with big automotive companies and providing work opportunities for more people in 49 US states.

Carquest characterizes itself using the acronym DIVERSE, which stands for Driven, Innovative, Valued, Energetic, Responsive, Sincere, and Enthusiastic. These factors have paved the way for the success of the company.

The company reaches out to their customers with the use of social media through a Facebook page. They also offer customer service to their customers that is constantly available for any service they might need.

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