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Cedar Fair has built its foundation in operating recreational parks. Starting from a string of amusement parks, it has expanded to waterparks. The company then ventured further into the lodging industry when it started to operate a chain of hotels.

Cedar Fair was born out of the merger between Cedar Point and Valleyfair. It was founded in 1983. By April 1987, it has decided to expand and become a public company.

Amusement Today has consistently recognized the company as one of the top amusement resorts in the country. Its roller coaster ride, the Millennium Force, has been awarded the best in its category for several years in a row.

Employees of this company have a Platinum Pass, which allows free access to all of its parks and facilities. You also get free tickets along with access to the employee cafeteria.

Its management does their best in providing a fun and enriching workplace. Dealing with a lot of guests on a daily basis can be challenging. This is why regular team building events are organized for employees.

How old do you have to be to work at Cedar Fair?

The minimum age requirement at Cedar Fair parks is around 16 to 18 years old. This will depend on the position that is being applied for.

Cedar Fair Careers

Ride Mechanic- This position requires you to inspect different rides to make sure that they are compliant to safety guidelines. You also maintain rides and fix issues that may arise with them.

Electrical Controls Specialist- Your role is to use available tools and technology to keep the rides in good shape. You perform repairs or upgrades to the system used to control all the rides throughout the park.

Group Sales Representative- This role expects you to meet the sales or attendance quota in your designated area. You formulate sales plans and pitch these to existing and new customers.

Merchandise Associate- You usually work in stores or kiosks in the park. Your goal is to sell merchandise and souvenirs. You are expected to process payments. You also will keep and update payment and inventory logs.

There are other diverse positions available depending on the season. If you have an artistic inclination, you can be a part of the attraction as an entertainer. There are also roles in marketing, research and food services.

Cedar Fair Application

Many positions at Cedar Fair open up around the beginning of the year. You may apply through their website or by visiting their facilities. They also hold occasional job fairs where you can pass your résumé.

Open positions are featured in the Jobs section of their website. Select which park you wish to apply to. You will then fill out a form or be asked to send an email.

Be ready to provide personal information when filling out the application form. Check the spelling and characters especially on the contact entries to avoid missing out on interviews.

In your résumé, highlight your ability to provide exemplary customer service. It is also important to indicate that you are able to perform repetitive or physical work. It is an advantage if you have first aid or CPR knowledge.

Interviews done in person usually require you to dress formally. You will usually be at the front line so display good grooming and hygiene. If doing a phone interview, be upbeat and listen very well to questions.

Facts About Cedar Fair

The environment at the parks promotes employees to be part of the fun. As an employee, you will enjoy the rides within the park. The culture is to promote work-life balance and enrich the experience of every employee.

Recently, it has announced investments to provide new rides and increasing the length of park operations. California’s Great America will have a floorless roller coaster. Cedar Point will also have its own 18-acre water park.

The company has established itself as the roller coaster capital of the world. The company has experimented in making innovations to make the rides more thrilling. Cedar Fair continues to become a pioneer in providing a memorable roller coaster experience.

Cedar Fair holds annual exciting events where the proceeds are given to non-profit organizations. Coaster Campout was one of them and it benefited the Boys and Girls Club of America.

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Careers: https://www.cedarfair.com/jobs

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