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The Central Park Zoo is part of a network comprising of four different zoos and an aquarium. All facilities are under the Wildlife Conservation Society (WCS). The facility offers tours and field trips for individuals, families and groups of students.

The Central Park Zoo has a long history dating back to its origins in 1864 as a menagerie. It was officially labeled as a zoo by 1934. Renovations and improvements were implemented in August 1988.

Measuring 6.5 acres, the zoo offers diverse job opportunities. The WCS has over 4,000 employees not just in New York, but worldwide. The Central Park Zoo through the WCS is recognized for its advocacy for wildlife protection and conservation.

Full-time employees of the zoo are provided with several benefits including medical insurance, paid vacation leave, and retirement plans. Part-time staff members are not covered by these benefits, however.

One of the best things about working in the Central Park Zoo is being able to care for different types of animals. You will learn how to feed and raise animals in captivity.

How old do you have to be to work at Central Park Zoo?

The age requirement varies per position. For most entry-level positions, you have to be at least 16 years old to be considered eligible for the job.

Central Park Zoo Careers

Wild Animal Keeper- Your main role is to feed, clean, and care for animals in their enclosures. You have to prepare the right food and provide additional supplements, if necessary.

Warehouse Associate- You are in charge of shipping and receiving items in the warehouse. You are tasked to keep it organized and secure. You are also expected to provide recommendations on how operations can be improved.

Sales Coordinator– This role requires you to develop marketing strategies, find prospective clients, and convert them to sales. The role can be in different areas in the organization, such as in events or catering.

Children’s Zoo Associate- This role expects you to have great inter-personal skills to provide guests with a positive experience. You prepare exhibits and tours as well as observe animal care and diet.

Various job opportunities that involve maintenance and care of the facility are also available. This includes aviculture associate, horticulture laborer, food service staff, and many others.

Central Park Zoo Application

Full-time and seasonal employment opportunities are always available all year long. You can apply by completing forms through the zoo’s website or by going to the WCS headquarters in New York in person.

Online application is available on their website. You will be able to filter the results using keywords or whether you are looking for a full-time or temporary position. Requirements and responsibilities are detailed before you are asked to apply.

After you click on the Apply button, you will be redirected to a page where you can register an applicant profile. Ensure that the details you are giving are accurate and comprehensive.

Reinforce your résumé with details on special skills involving animal care. Any training you may have had that is related to animal studies or care will be an advantage. Highlight your knowledge about animal diets, record-keeping, and maintenance.

Some interview questions may revolve around how you deal with different types of situation. This will determine how good your decision-making skills are. Review zoo procedures in animal care as well as its policies and guidelines.

Facts About Central Park Zoo

As the Central Park Zoo nurtures animals and provides joy to its guests, the culture exhibits the same positive vibe. Learning is encouraged so senior members are always there to help beginners expand their careers.

Two of the scientists who work for the organization became finalists for a prestigious award for animal conservation, the Indianapolis Prize. Dr. Dee Boersma and Dr. Joel Berger were honored on October 19, 2016.

The Central Park Zoo is known for educational and entertaining activities within the zoo. You can enjoy the 4-D theater, animal feeding, and zoo quests with your friends and family.

Perhaps the most notable of this organization’s work is its dedication to protect the environment and the wildlife within it. An annual Gala is held to raise funds for wildlife conservation.

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