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Chase Banks offers savings and other financial services to commercial businesses and consumers. With more than 5,000 branches in almost 100 countries, the bank serves millions of patrons.

The bank is a segment of JPMorgan Chase & Co., dating back in the 18th century under the name, The Bank of The Manhattan Company. After the merger of JPMorgan Chase, the owners renamed the bank into its current brand.

It has more than 20,000 ATMs nationwide. One of 6 Americans avails of the financial services of the bank. Currently, it has $2.6 Trillion worth of net assets.

Employees, whether regular or probationary, receive benefits such as paid holidays. Employees who’ve working for the company for years enjoy comprehensive insurance coverage and retirement plans.

People like working in the company because of the career development that it has to offer. It provides benefits that are unique in the industry.

How old do you have to be to work at Chase?

The minimum age requirement to work with the company is 18. A high school diploma is a minimum for most of the jobs. Some corporate positions may require a bachelor’s degree.

Chase Careers

Tellers: They assist customers in cashing checks, withdrawals, and deposits. The position involves aiding patrons with the maintenance of their basic accounts. They answer inquiries on the financial services of the bank.

Personal Bankers: They help customers open new accounts, and recommend the right financial investments and services to customers. Bankers work with financial advisors to ensure that customers receive the appropriate services. During peak hours, they assist the tellers.

Associates: The responsibilities of associates vary depending on their designated department. Generally, they assist the team members of the department. They help maintain and improve the processes of the department.

Administrative Assistants: They process expense claims and maintain records of processed invoices. Assistants provide support to senior executives. They assist in the preparation of reports and provide general support services such as photocopying and booking of meetings.

Other entry-level positions include industrial trainees, analyst, techs for social good, and HR accounting assistants. Managerial positions include bank manager, accounting manager, and audit department manager.

Chase Application

Create an online profile with the company’s site. Once done, you can search job vacancies and corresponding skill requirements to qualify. You may also use your LinkedIn profile to apply for a job.

The most convenient way of applying is through their online portal. In some branches though, offline application is preferred. To know the specific preference of a branch, you can call their customer service center.

Understanding the application process thoroughly is definitely important. Before clicking the “apply now” button on their application page, ready all scanned documents you want to submit.

School history is important so make sure you have listed all of your educational backgrounds, whether finished, unfinished, or ongoing. Do not include references on your resume. Instead, ready your list once you receive an appointment for an interview.

The first stage of the interview is through a phone call. The hiring manager may ask to schedule the in-person interview and may have some questions about your goals. The in-person interview is an in-depth questioning about you.

Facts about Chase

The bank believes that its employees are the foundation of its success. Thus, the company maintains a workplace for everyone. It hires people of diverse origin and teaches them the value of teamwork and respect.

The bank is going to have more branches, but the company has yet to announce the number of branches to be opened. Furthermore, it promises a pay rate increase for its rank-and-file employees.

The company is known for working even on weekends. Mostly, employees work on a 100-hour-a-week schedule. However, the management is trying to change this culture.

The bank’s parent company collaborates with other companies to revitalize disadvantaged communities. It donates $20 Million as part of raising funds for this community effort.

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