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Cheney Brothers Application Online


Cheney Brothers is a family owned and operated company that focuses on broadline distribution. It is now the fourth generation that manages the business. It is a fast growing company, with annual sales averaging $1.6 billion.

Joe Cheney founded the company in 1925 in West Palm Beach, Florida. It survived during the Great Depression in 1928 and eventually became incorporated in 1962.

Currently, the company is composed of 1800 employees who are in charge of over 350 trucks that travel millions of miles annually. Its inventory consists of more than 25000 supplies.

The company offers its employees benefit packages that include healthcare assistance, retirement plans, medical insurance, and paid vacation leaves. Trainings are also provided for improvement.

Employee involvement is the key to Cheney Brothers’ success. That is why it provides their workers with a friendly work environment. The company recognizes their employees’ efforts through career advancements and promotions. 

How old do you have to be to work at Cheney Brothers? 

Job applicants are expected to be 18 years old or above to be able to work in Cheney Brothers.

Cheney Brothers Careers

Security Guard: This person is responsible in preventing theft and violence in the company. The security guard ensures the safety of every individual in the vicinity.

International Customer Service Representative: This person handles the company’s international customers. The international customer service representative is expected to be excellent in communication.

Export Sales Representative: This person is expected to have exceptional verbal and written communication skills to fully market the products of the company.

Local Driver: This person is in charge of safely bringing the products to its destination. The local driver should have customer service skills.

The company offers other entry-level and professional job positions such as contract specialist assistant, willcall customer service, and double driver.

Cheney Brothers Application

An application form can be downloaded from its website. Fill out all the fields or put N/A for those that do not apply to the applicant. Do not leave any blanks otherwise the application form will not be considered.

Online application is used for a more efficient and fast hiring process. Submission of the form, however, does not guarantee that the company will contact the applicant.

There is only a limited space provided in the form to show the applicant’s skills. It is important to organize well the applicant’s information. A drug test is also needed since the company is strict in this area.

The applicant’s job experiences for the past 10 years should be prepared. Proofread the resume and make sure that it is error-free. Make a summary that will get the attention of the hiring manager.

The applicant must show the hiring manager how well his/her skills fit the company. Accomplishments should also be included. The applicant should show the manager how passionate he/she is in joining their team.

Things To Know About Cheney Brothers

The company takes pride in its precise and accurate delivery services. The discipline that each employee has makes this a possibility. The workers are trained to provide a high-quality service without sacrificing their fun work environment.

Cheney Brothers holds an annual Food Service Buying Show where people get together to witness a great food show. Food enthusiasts gather annually to take part of this event.

The company also implements a strict Drug and Smoke Free Work Place Policy due to the nature of their job. Job applicants are required to take a drug test before applying.

With its policy on drugs and smoking, Cheney Brothers help in mitigating the cases of drug and smoke addiction in the country. This can greatly influence the community around them.

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