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Cinnabon was founded in Seattle, Washington, in 1985. Rich Komen opened the business with the goal of creating the world’s most perfect cinnamon roll. In 1998, the company was sold to AFC Enterprises. In 2004 the company was sold to Focus Brands that owns it today. You can find the Cinnabon application link below.

There are currently more than 750 Cinnabon locations throughout the United States. The headquarters is located in Sandy Springs, Georgia. Not only are there stand-alone locations, there are also mall kiosks and locations at casinos, amusement parks, universities and military bases. The company also has shops in Canada, Egypt, Poland and others.

The company’s mission is to spread warmth. It does this by working with a few charities, two of which are Operation Gratitude and the DAISY Foundation. Partnering with the DAISY Foundation, the company gives free cinnamon rolls to healthcare professionals during National Nurses Week. Working with Operation Gratitude, the company sends care packages to soldiers overseas.

As part of the restaurant industry, Cinnabon offers its customers a variety of products. The most popular product is the Cinnabon Classic Roll, but there are many other cinnamon roll offerings that the shops offer, such as the MiniBon and CinnaSweeties. There are also a few different drink options, including coffee, lemonade and the signature Chillattas.

Cinnabon Careers

Cinnabon jobs span the gamut from corporate to entry-level careers. Corporate career options include positions in human resources, supply chain, data analysis, marketing and information technology. Employment opportunities at the corporate level require employees to work at the headquarters, so applicants should either live in the area or be willing to relocate.

Job opportunities at the store level include entry-level and managerial positions. Entry-level jobs are as crew members and sanitation specialists. Management opportunities include manager and assistant manager. These positions require more experience than entry-level jobs. If these Cinnabon careers seem right for you, be sure to fill out a Cinnabon application today.

How old do you have to be to work at Cinnabon?

To start Cinnabon careers, you must be at least 16 years old. In general, stores are open from 10 a.m. to 9 p.m. from Monday to Thursday. On Fridays and Saturdays, stores are open from 10 a.m. to 9:30 p.m. On Sunday, stores open at noon and close at 6 p.m.

Employee benefits at Cinnabon include employee discounts, free uniforms and paid training. Qualified employees may enroll in healthcare benefits that include medical, dental and vision insurance. Retirement plan options, such as 401(k) plans, are available for eligible employees. Full-time employees are typically the only associates who are eligible for extensive benefits.

Cinnabon Job Descriptions

Crew Member – Crew member jobs may be either part- or full-time. Crew members need to be able to interact with customers in a friendly and polite manner. Crew members need to be able to work a cash register, make drinks and serve patrons. Starting pay sits around $9 an hour.

Sanitation Specialist – Responsibilities of the sanitation specialist include keeping both the interior and exterior of the stores clean and organized. These associates will clean the kitchen, dining area and restrooms. Other tasks would be to help unload deliveries, take out the trash and putting merchandise away. Pay usually starts at minimum wage and can grow to about $8.50 an hour.

Manager – Managers need to be able to supervise other employees while helping them perform daily tasks. Managers are responsible for creating work schedules, making a budget, preventing product loss and managing payroll accounts. Other duties include predicting and tracking sales data. Managers usually make an annual salary of about $40,000 per year.

Assistant Manager – Assistant managers should be helpful to the managers of the shops. Duties include making sure the stores are kept clean and organized, supervising other employees, delegating tasks and promoting sales. These associates are expected to step up in the absence of a store manager. Assistant managers usually make about $11 an hour.

Cinnabon Interview Questions

If you happen to be called in for an interview, you should prepare yourself to answer questions, such as these:

Have you ever worked in retail before? While not all jobs require past experience, having some will only help your chances for landing the position. The hiring manager will want you to briefly outline your past experience.

Why are you interested in Cinnabon jobs? Your answer should reflect your interest in both the company and the position. Be sure you have thoroughly read the job description and tailor your answer to that description.

How do you work under pressure? Working in a fast-paced restaurant environment can be stressful, and if applicants can’t handle the pressure, they won’t be a good fit at this company.

What management style do you work best under? Each employee thrives under different management styles, but they have to be able to work under the current manager. If you are flexible, you are more likely to be a good fit at the business.

Where do you see yourself in five years? Regardless of where you see yourself down the road, it is important that you have a vision for your future. Interviewers just want to know that you have the drive and focus to make a commitment.

Advice For Application Process

If you wish to apply for jobs at Cinnabon, you will need to contact a local shop. There is no way to apply online. Since you can’t fill out a Cinnabon job application online, you should go in to the store to request a free application. Fill out this application as a direct application and turn it in with a copy of your resume that outlines your previous experience.

There is no printable application for Cinnabon. So you can’t just find a printable application form or find a place to select download application form. You need to physically go in to a store to apply. You might be able to call a store to ask how to apply for Cinnabon online, but you can’t even browse open Cinnabon jobs online.

Since there is no online application, you should fill out the paper application form as neatly as possible. When you turn in your application, keep in mind that it will take the managers a few weeks to go over all the applications. You may not hear back right away, but if you haven’t heard back after a month, you can call to inquire about the position.

If you are brought in for an interview, you should show up prepared to answer a few basic interview questions, such as the ones listed above. You should also go to the interview dressed in business casual clothing. For men, this means slacks and a button down shirt. Women can wear length appropriate skirts or slacks with a nice blouse.

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