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Coco’s Bakery Restaurant Application Online


Coco’s Bakery Restaurant offers its customers a menu of different choices. The restaurant is known for its entrée salads and American-inspired food while the bakery takes pride in its fresh-baked pies.

It started as a little restaurant in the Pacific Coast in the Orange county of California in 1948. John and Audrey Macintosh purchased the restaurant and developed it to be the Coco’s Bakery Restaurant now.

The restaurant has grown to operate in more than 100 locations in the country. It recognizes that its employees’ efforts play a huge role in achieving success.

Its employees are given a generous benefit package that includes healthcare assistance, vacation benefits, retirement plans, and tuition reimbursement.

Performance-based bonuses are also provided to motivate its workers. Employee discounts on company products and the flexible schedule are also one of the reasons for applying in this restaurant.

How old do you have to be to work at Coco’s Bakery Restaurant?

The age requirement for applicants to work in Coco’s Bakery Restaurant is 16 years old and above.

Coco’s Bakery Restaurant Careers

Host: This person is in charge of greeting customers and bidding them goodbye. The host communicates with the customers to guide them where to sit and inform them of the available food.

Server: This person is expected to bring the customers’ orders. The server may also assist the host in welcoming customers.

Cook: This person is responsible for preparing the orders of the customers. The cook ensures that the guests are satisfied with their orders.

Baker: This person is tasked to prepare baked goods for the customers. The baker also packs the goods for them to be visually appealing.

The restaurant offers both kitchen jobs and restaurant management positions such as dishwasher, team leader, training manager, and area manager.

Coco’s Bakery Restaurant Application

The applicant can review the restaurant’s job offerings in its website. After clicking the “Learn More” button, he/she can fill out an application. It must be submitted with the applicant’s resume.

The restaurant uses both online and personal application methods to hire new employees. It depends on the applicant on what method he/she is more comfortable in using.

The applicant must be knowledgeable of the restaurant’s offerings. Dealing with different kinds of customers is also an important skill in this industry.

The resume does not need to contain all the previous jobs of the applicant. Include only those that are relevant to the industry of the company.

Employees of the restaurant are expected to be friendly and approachable. The applicant must show the hiring manager these traits during the interview to make a good impression.

Things to Know About Coco’s Bakery Restaurant

The restaurant stresses to its employees the importance of constant innovation and improvement to provide its customers the best service.

Recently, a restaurant branch in Rancho Palos Verdes was moved to another building for innovations. The customers around the area were relieved that the restaurant was only temporarily closed.

The company is known for its E-club where promotions and coupons are given out. It is also used by the customers to order food online since it is more convenient.

This year, the company joined the other chained restaurants in dealing with veterans and military officers. It showed its appreciation to the military men, both retired and active, by giving out a free slice of pizza.

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