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Scana Corporation

Scana Corporation is a utility company with a main office located in Cayce, South California. Its operations mainly focus on electricity and natural gas through its subsidiaries.

It was called South Carolina Electric & Gas Company when it opened in 1846. Over the years, the company acquired more and more subsidiaries until its name was changed to its present name.

This US$9 billion-worth company serves over a million customers in South Carolina, North Carolina, and Georgia, with the help of employees from its different departments and subsidiaries.

The company’s employees are given benefit packages apart from their salaries. These packages include retirement plans, life insurance, dental and medical plans, and optional accounts.

Employees love working for the firm for it encourages work-life balance through the holidays and paid time off given to them. They can also sign up for other insurance such as auto and cancer insurance.

How old do you have to be to work at Scana Corporation?

Applicants are required to be at least 18 years old for them to work in Scana Corporation. This is applicable to part-time and full-time jobs in the establishment.

Scana Corporation Careers

Engineer: This person is mainly responsible for supporting the Electric Operations by performing engineering studies on electrical distribution systems. The engineer will work on planning, engineering, and distributing the construction project management.

Electrician: This person is tasked to perform the necessary electrical maintenance activities. The electrician undergoes the Electrical Apprenticeship Program to have the skills needed for the job.

Supervisor- Nuclear Training:This person handles the trainings for the employees of the company. The supervisor maintains the initial operator training program and makes sure that the trainings are done according to the rules set by the company.

Dispatcher: This person is responsible for providing professional and personal dispatching services to customers. The dispatcher ensures that the requests for electric services are handled safely and efficiently.

Aside from the job opportunities mentioned above, this utility company also offers other job positions to its applicants such as IT Professional, IT Technician, Analyst, Installation Specialist, and Agent.

Scana Corporation Application

The applicant needs to register on the company’s website to apply for any of the job positions available. Regardless of the position being applied for, the applicant must have sufficient knowledge on the utility industry.

The utility company uses online application for its hiring process for the management to properly keep track of all its applicants. It is also beneficial on the part of the applicant since it can save time.

This company gives importance to the experiences and educational background of all aspiring applicants, so be sure to indicate such details on the application form.

Avoid the generic approach of writing a resume. The applicant may include his/her career objectives for the hiring manager to be aware of the professional goals that he/she has set.

The applicant must pay attention to his/her body language during the interview. This will show the hiring manager how interested and attentive the applicant is.

Things To Know About Scana Corporation

Its community of employees promote innovation and creativity among themselves. The company encourages them to help in the regular development of the operations of the business and to serve the community.

Military veterans and active officials can now join the team-oriented workforce of the company. The benefits provided to them can also extend to their dependents.

The company is known to provide equal opportunity for all its applicants regardless of their disability, race, nationality, or gender. It has a specific email that can be used by applicants with disabilities.

Scana Corporation partners with different civic and professional organizations in serving the community.Some of their programs include Feeding the Hungry, Good Neighbor Fund, Arts & Culture Support, and Homework Help. Its employees also regularly volunteer to do community work.

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